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Bros, I was doing so well on my diet, but then I made the (beautiful, delicious, epic) mistake of going out to dinner with my friend and eating hella dessert. It was SO GOOD, and I promised myself I wouldn't regret it until I weighed myself this morning and.. well.. sorry, stomach.

Has anyone else dieted before? What helps you satisfy your sweet tooth when you're trying to cut back?

the only diet I've ever had last more than a day was the dairy diet. mainly because I could eat, and yogurt, ice cream and cheesecake are all dairy products muahahahaha.
the only reason i kept from slacking on my diet was because my swim coach moved in with me and she is hella scary!!!
FRESH FRUIT SMOOTHIIEEESSSSS!! I have a passion for everything desert so they save my dieting life!! If you have a blender, banana apple and pear are the sweetest, mix whatever you want with a splash of vanilla almond(or soy) milk and a few ice cubes!!
I feel your pain.... I am in process of losing weight... I have found keeping a food diary extremely helpful, because then I have to be accountable. also don't think of it as a diet, think of it as a lifestyle change. and don't forget the exercise...
@petname83 Omg, that reminds me of when I tried to go vegan, and ate nothing but PB&J sandwiches and tater tots.
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