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Bros, I was doing so well on my diet, but then I made the (beautiful, delicious, epic) mistake of going out to dinner with my friend and eating hella dessert. It was SO GOOD, and I promised myself I wouldn't regret it until I weighed myself this morning and.. well.. sorry, stomach.

Has anyone else dieted before? What helps you satisfy your sweet tooth when you're trying to cut back?

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@SasiaWalz Omg, you lived with your coach?!
@petname83 Omg, that reminds me of when I tried to go vegan, and ate nothing but PB&J sandwiches and tater tots.
@danidee its a long and complicatwd story, lol
i used to force myself asleep with willpower alone in order to curb my hunger. now i always feel sleepy whenever i feel hungry for more than 30 minutes. helps me keep to a normal 3 meals a day diet instead of binge snacking on whatever i can find
dark chocolate