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It's an interesting question that most of us won't actually be able to answer when the time comes, since we don't usually know when we'll be knocking on deaths door. But it's always interesting to hear everyone else's responses so, if you had a last meal, what would you choose?
After seeing a video about this burger I AM SOLD! And also going there this weekend! A toasted bun with a deep fried mac and cheese patty, an amazing burger, and a HUGE scooping of mac and cheese to top it off. My only question is, can I add cheese to those fries ?
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Make the drink a root beer float and I am in!!!
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I always tell people that I would want my last meal to be a brunch buffet. Breakfast foods are my favorite.
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yea chicken fried steak and eggs my mouth is waitering
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@ToddStephens Yessss, that is an excellent choice, sir.
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