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So guys we got RED alert. Like we need to call in the army or something! (get it? army? no? OK..)
So most of u probably don't know who this is. But this is Edward Avila! He was born in San Diego. But he does live in Seoul.
So I'm like obsessed with Eddie. And I sent like a very long paragraph to him on instagram. and I kept saying ik ur not gonna see this but a girl can dream.. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?
the story is... I get on the bus to go home from school and I get on my phone and I see that I have a instagram notification. and I go to look at that instagram notification. and I literally drop my phone on the ground. then I literally started crying. everyone kept asking what's wrong. and I was in COMPLETE FANGIRL MODE
HE RESPONDED TO MY DM. I literally died. OMG I was dying. But now I'm still like in shock. But is there any Edward Avila fans out here on vingle? (ik this isn't really K-pop but I had no where else to post this because it seems like nobody knows him)
I love him!! his judgy face toward Nicky is the best
I love him
That was super sweet of him! He seems like he'd reply to a nice message if/when he has the time! Love his YouTube channel. I just discovered him recently... Happy for you!!!
OMGGGGGGGGGG I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! I follow him too! You are one lucky person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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