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Its almost the end of rappers week so I decided to do a card on some female rappers.
Yezi is the rapper Fiestar recently released her solo debut and her song cider has been stuck in my head for days! She defientally has bad girl, rules dont apply, feel and its awesome.
When you think female rapper most think CL and she is definitely one of my favs. Hello Bi+ches is a great song and it even got my sister (a non kpop fan) to look it up and listen to it without me! Not just her music but CL herself is on boss lady!
Jessis song ssennuni is also one of my top favs. Jessi gives off the feel of a firece woman and girl power! She is also adorably childish which you can see from her instagram.
LE of EXID is also a fav. When I first heard her in EXIDs every night her voice is what first captured me. She has a unique sound but she makes it work like a boss. Her part starts at 2:40 in the video above and its sick.
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MY BAD FEMALE 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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I love yezi and jessi!!
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Female rappers are always so cool and badass!!
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