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Today I tried to put some make up looks together, while wearing my Supernatural fandom shirt lol. Yup I am a nerd lol. My makeup journey has been pretty much I get things to upgrade my pharmacy stock make up I have. So currently I am mixing premium with drug store brands. I have also found out from the lovely Vinglers @amobigbang @TessStevens @marshalledgar and @jordanhamilton that sometimes you do not have to spend a pretty penny to get a great product. Those guys fuel my curiosity and my onward journey with makeup.
NYX Shine Killer : my face gets oily at times and it's super annoying. I'm not going to say this is the best primer but a gal on a budget has to do what she has to do.
Foundation : Clinique Acne powder foundation (Darker color because of marks from acne and surgery) Color Ginger
Eyelid Primer : Lorac, I absolutely love this eye primer. I recieved this as a sample and it's lovely. I don't think I want to trade this one for anything. I will eventually purchase the full bottle when needed.
Urban Decay Smoky: I used the colors High and Radar. High is on the far left and Rader third from the left.
Better than Sex Mascara : My newest addition, meaning today I purchased it and let me tell you, I am in so much love. This totally bumped my Benefit Roller Lash and my Urban Decay Perversion. On the net people are complaining some that this mascara does not put in work but I say everyone is a citric lol. I love it, I know if I can get my cat eye down tight. It will totally be a banger!
Urban Decay : Lit, I use this as a powder just to toss on top of my foundation it gives me this glow I like. I do not use much because I don't want my skin to look strange.
Clinique Blush : Plum, I had this for a while and never really knew what to do with it or if I liked it. But, now I definitely love it and I respect the blush that makes you look flush lol
BUXOM: Dolly Velvet Matte : over and over again I love buxom. I have Dolly in a full on, as well as Sophia and Mudslide. I got this today and I love it. My bf said the color does not look great on me buttt this one, I'm not listening lol. I love it. Besides, he liked the full on in the glossy type anyway. XD My next purchase will probably be the Brooklyn shade. It's beautiful!
NYX eyebrow pencil : yup need to fill in. I had a total bad eyebrow job AGAIN. So, I'm back at it until I am able to go back to the right place. Love it and it works for what I need it for. I just need to get to work on fleek eyebrows next.
Elf face set: works, nice and affordable and people like to swear it's a good dupe for Mac. Hey who does not like to save!
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I love love LOVE the mix of things you're using!! While most of my makeup is now...I guess what you'd call more "premium" that's only because I threw all my makeup away and got a giftcard to ulat from my mom after doing os lol XD I like to use Essence which is such a cheap brand, pair it with Butter London things which range, and use LORAC and Too Faced a good bit, too!! But then I also have some milani which is more middle ground as well. And sonia kushiak or whatever her name is!! It great to mix things - you really don't have to spend a ton just to get a great look :)