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JB Memes. The last two pictures cause I tried to search up any bad photos of him and guess what... THERE ARE NONE 馃槀馃挆馃挆
Photos that make me question why he's on my bias list...
Photos that remind me why...
Fetus mother 馃挆
Earrings Black hair That's what made him wreck my bias list... Those earrings and his black hair... The black hair is my favorite lol 馃挆
Who's next?
This is a GOT7 series! If you want any other bands (k-pop) I'll do the ones I know of and most familiar with :) Bands I've already done: BTS Let me know if you want to be tagged in any series! Picture credit to the original owners *insert fancy C symbols and stuff so I don't get copyrighted*
Tagged Beauties 馃檰馃徎 @ESwee @marisamusic @HeichousRegalia @jojojordy2324 @letsloveshinee @Bikutoria13 @amandamuska @TheEnlightment @lopleaf19 @Kelsiumm @SerenityThao @ManduBum @jmnzangel @kpopbunny9 @tinathellama Should I come up with a name for you guys? I see all these cool names people use for the people they tag, I want to join the club 馃槬馃槀 Any name suggestions? I'd love to hear your suggestions 馃挆馃挆
Sorry I didn't post yesterday! My power went out so the wifi and stuff was all whacked out, to make it up to you guys I will post a little BTS imagine short story thing! 鈽猴笍馃挆
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He's so funny and so handsome!! I still don't understand how he made me fall for him!! He took me away from Jackson 馃槣馃榿馃槣馃槏
can u tag me in every series ewe and IS IT THE EVIL MAKNAE WHO'S RUINING MY BIAS LIST IN GOT7!?
look up got7 derp I bet you'll laugh to hard
or got7 on crack on YouTube it's too funny
I love seeing what a dork our handsome leader is. Tag me please!