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now when I say rp I don't mean these two maybe three word posts that somehow has become what all rp's have become I mean full length posts thought out into them. I think para rpers are a dieing breed but it's worth a try. of course once and if we get enough people if any we can decide which anime to base off of and before any ask oc's are most defiantly welcome but if you do choose a charry from the anime it goes without saying to stay in that person's character as much as possible... anyway thank chu for yer time... if you are up for it leave your kik name
what anime
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that's what we would all decide if people come lol I'm game for almost anything
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@LoveGaara well I'll join. my kik is the same as my name so invite me
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mine is d0yourbest, cud u add me?
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