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Alright, I am not a romantic. I don't like writing cheesy love letters or say cheesy things. I prefer to express love and appreciation through other medium.

Personalized Bento Box.

Food is the safest option for non-cheesy gift. Truth is, even if it's cheesy it'll be eaten up anyways. I'll share some stories later of how we really met. But here's a briefing: He gave me free dessert and tea, so I gifted him sushi. At that time I was a horrible sushi maker. The avocados were not ripe yet but he ate it anyways. Definitely, one reason why he's a keeper. ;)

Painted Portrait

Thanks to the mix media art class I took in high school I have a collection of paints in my room. I painted this 6 months after we became friends. I actually didn't intend to give this to him because it was a random painting for practicing sake. Yeah, I like sketching and painting portraits of people. Eventually, after we dated I gave this to him.

Punny Mugs

I used to live near a pottery studio. They provide all the materials and make the mug for you. All you need to do choose a mug and design it. In my opinion, this is way better than purchasing a customized mug online. You can write whatever you here and no matter how ugly it turns's a mark of your love.

Make a Ringtone

My sisters and I exchange ringtones with another. This all started because she secretly replaced her caller-id ringtone to her voice (so I have to pick up the call immediately). So, I got the idea and create a ringtone for my husband. I'm a horrible singer but I like making music with my keyboard. If you don't play instruments you could have several options. 1. Stream your favorite instrumental in the background and sing
2. Record something silly so he could use it as an alarm (e.g. Wake up, You're LATE!! ).

Snail Mail Their Favorite Food

While he was traveling abroad I snail-mailed him his favorite food from In-and-Out Burgers. Of course, it's not the real thing. I sent the animal fries scented hat to him so the fragrant can emanate from the mail into thin air (when he opened it).
There's more but I can't re-call them at the moment.
Anyone received any of these gifts before? What are some non-cheesy gifts you gave to your loved ones?
I've actually made a ringtone for someone ( just a friend though!) but it was like the best idea ever and they LOVED it.
I love the mug idea! I made a really adorable plate for my best friend once when I was moving away for college. She still uses it! Even better if you go to the studio together and make it :D