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On June 18, TreeJ Company confirmed Jang Keun Suk’s recent casting in the new drama, Pretty Boy, which is based off of a popular comic book series with the same name. Jang Keun Suk will be playing the character of Dokgo Matte, a man with a pretty face. The story will be rewritten by writer Yoo Young Ah, who also penned the popular movie, The Gift of Room 7. This will be Jang Keun Suk′s return to dramas after KBS’ Love Rain in 2012. As the drama has yet to find a home in a broadcast company, it is unclear when it will air, but Group Eight is aiming for late 2013. Source: Though I do miss seeing him in drama but I seriously wonder his choice of script. The drama about a man with a pretty face sounds really superficial and I don't know, uninteresting to me. But maybe I should hold my judgement before a more detailed storyline comes out, which I hope, soon.
eagerly waiting to see him act again..he is one of the best actors i have seen
Its great prince jks back to acting....can't wait to watvh hes new drama....
I hope he plays a good role. You're beautiful wasn't as I wanted n it was a bit of a let down. Oh well... we'll just have to see...
@winterlovesong he was so cute in My pet " dance hahahahaha and he has a movie were he speack english a &he is acused of murder i will see the name &tell u but he played so good !!!:-*
@christy @larkspurs @cri14335 I love bethoven virus and jang geun suk... but honestly after that, he just picked the typical rich guy with an attitude role: Mary, You're Beautiful, Love Rain. He has so much more potential and these roles are not doing him any justice.
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