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I arrived home from my date went into my room took a shower and then got ready for work. Ash and I decided to walk together. I shared all the details of the date with her. She squealed at all the right parts and sighed along with me at how romantic everything was. Mark stopped in to tease me just like a Lil brother would do. I harassed him back about Luna. He became red all over. We talked about doing a horror movie night like old times. Then my phone Rang I told Mark a minute. "Hey Jellybean. I can come to your work on Thursday to translate those documents from Italian into Korean and English for you. Then we can also discuss what type of painting you want." Mark looked at me questioningly. "Peaches that is great. Have you thought more about singing vocals on some of our tracks." "Jellybean no I'm not singing any vocals for you or anyone no matter how much I love you. OK see you Thursday I got to get back to my real job." "Awe I see you still talk to him." Mark said. "Yes and your still not allowed to divulge his identity to anyone." "He asked you to sing on some tracks. That's huge. I always wonder why you didn't join the entertainment industry with your talent." I look at him in annoyance. "No my answer is always no. I rarely even sing for fun anymore." He looks at me with sorrow and confusion in his eyes when his phone rings. "JB, I'm on my way." He hangs up and walks away. The rest of the morning passes uneventful. Before I know it its time for me to leave. Ash and I have slowly developed a routine over the next week of work. We each bring a calm to spa. Thursday came and went and I get random texts from Jellybean and Marshmallow begging me to sing. Jr and I talk and text each other throughout the days trying to find breaks in our schedule to atleast see each other.
Today I finally have a day off. I'm in my art studio painting Jellybeans potrait. Listening to some rock music. I hear the doorbell and a moment later Emm comes in with a bouquet of carnations the third one this week. I despise carnations because of my ex. I especially hate the ones that been coming this week and the cryptic cards that come along with it.
"soon we will be united once more. my love for you is enduring like these flowers."
I sigh. I know they aren't from Jinyoung. He only sends me tulips and I asked him. I really don't believe they are from the ex. He should still be back in California. These flowers are starting to creep me out. I give a fake smile to Emm. She leaves the studio. I take the flowers out of the vase and use them as paintbrushes on my canvas and then toss them away. I'm so into my painting and lost in the music belting out song after song in my studio I didn't realize I had an audience until I heard chuckling and looked behind me to see Ash standing there with her boyfriend , some guys and the girls. I flush red with embarrassment. I bow to them and smile and then my ring tone "No diggity by blackstreet" Rang and I motioned one minute with my finger as I answered. "Hello Jellybean! I just finished your painting. Along with a few others you might want to purchase." "Did you get lost in your feelings and music again," Jellybean asks. I laugh, "You know me so well. I was so lost I ended up ditching the paintbrushes at one point. So yeah I'll meet up with you in an hour. I need to clean up. I was wondering can we spar tonight and then have our horror movie night? I need to get some of this pent up rage out." "Peaches, anything for you. Are you bringing Mark along with you?" "Yes Mark's coming along." I walk out of the studio still talking on the phone and head to the kitchen where I take a out of the oven and set it on the counter. "OK we'll see you in an hour Peaches!" "Meet you outside your studio in an hour." I hung up the phone smile and I start walking to my room. I text Mark. "Sparing then movie night." He responds back. "Call" As I walk to my room I shout out to Luna "I'm borrowing your boyfriend tonight. I promise not to hurt him too much."
I get showered and dress for Sparing and prepare my bag. I dress in Capri sweat pants, tank, hoodie, and sneakers. I have my glasses on which will leave you face for sparing. I head out and begin introductions. "Hi, I'm Veronica. I know who you are and I am a big fan. Sorry to cut this short but I have somewhere to be." As I bow the doorbell rings. Luna squeals so I know it's Mark. She brings him upstairs. "Noona," he says as he comes up and hugs me "this is going to be just like old times I Cali." I smile at him. "Promise not to hurt you too much even though your dad told me not to take it easy on you." He laughs. "He is always trolling." He bows to BTS and says hi. "Are you ready to go now?" I ask. He nods and heads to Luna to give her a hug but he also places a kiss on her temple. "Bye Sweetheart." I awe then smile at BTS and give all the girls a hug. "I'll be home tomorrow morning. I'll either crash at Jellybeans or Mark's" "JR wants you to come stay at the dorm with us since he doesn't know Jellybean." "Interesting. Let's see how I feel after sparring if I will adhere to Jinyoung request." As soon as I said that my phone Rang I waved bye to BTS and answered my phone. "Hi my prince." "I miss you Angel. Please come home with Mark. I want to cuddle you. Please, Pretty please." I laugh at his pleading. "Yes I'll come back with Mark because I miss you too and need a hugs from my prince." Mark pretends to gag and I throw a kick at his shin which lands and he grumbles in pain. I hang up with Jr. Mark and I left my home and made our way onto the street messing around to our destination. not knowing we where being followed.
I don't think this is as good as the other ones but I will post more soon. love you readers
who do you think is jellybean and marshmallow....I gave some hints but don't worry in chapter 7 part 2 you will findout...
@ManduBum haha Ikr??.. this is too much suspense. .come on!!! lol
YA! You gotta stop this! Who the F is Jellybean?!?! hahah
who is jellybean !!?????
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