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Day 4: Messy Hair

I know this was supposed to be up yesterday but I was just really busy and I couldn't make the time to post it. So I'm just going to post Day 4 and 5 today. Sorry.
He looks like an adorable little kid. Aww he is sitting criss-cross. No... don't move closer... I can't take it
His hair just has this adorable natural messy look to it and I absolutely love it. STOP BEING SO CUTE! YOU ARE GOING TO KILL US!
Don't look at me like that...
He is just too cute *sheds a single tear*
This kinda makes me laugh. I find it really adorable when he acts serious.
No...please stop... I can't take it... *sheds a billion tears*
Tagged by: @Defy24601 She chose Jimin and her cards for this challenge are awesome so you should definitely go check them out
tae is honestly one of the cutest if not the cutest people on earth
Are you trying to kill us??? Cuz I think it's working 😂😂😂
So cute! 😍😝
@VatcheeAfandi99 no! it's a risk🙈😭
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