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Hey guys! Today, I will be talking about actor Lee Donghwi and Choi Seunghyun's adorable relationship. Donghwi, who costarred with Seunghyun (otherwise known as TOP of BIG BANG) said his thanks to many actors/idols who helped him when he struggled. The actor, age 30, revealed that during the filming or the movie "Tazza 2", he was not an agency, but at the time, Seunghyun took care of him a lot. Donghwi said that the rapper/singer/model/actor even gave him rides and invited him to stay together! Donghwi also stated that he was eyeing Seunghyun as his mentor saying that "A strong affirmative aura comes forth from him. I want to learn that."
OMO! What do you guys think of their relationship? I always knew Seunghyun was an interesting character, but he never ceases to impress me.
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