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Haikyuu!! AMV's

I have fallen so hard for this anime, it's insane. So, here are a few AMV's I've found, and just had to share. I tried really hard to pick those ones where the editing and syncing of the video and music were especially fantastic, and where there were great songs. The first 3 are overall ones, with the next 3 being ones for individual players, and the last card has some shipping AMV's I found. Please enjoy!!
Great song and wonderful editing of video clips and song syncing. This is wonderfully done. And who can say no to this song?
Good song, and fantastic syncing of music and clips. Like, really great syncing of the beat and wording with the video clips. It was masterfully done.
One with a bit more editing to it, but really well done.
HINATA A great song, with really good editing, that fits Hinata really well. A great piece!
OIKAWA As much as I detest this asshole, this song fits him really well, and the song and clips match up well. It is really short and cuts off abruptly, but I couldn't leave it out.
ASAHI - This is the most feelsy out of all of these. If I had to pick one of these AMV's that was just beautiful, this would be it. But for me, tissues might be necessary. It is seriously as if this was made for Asahi. It fits him so perfectly, and the video and song editing and syncing are SPOT ON. This is a gorgeous piece.
Aaaannnnndddd, I found a video with my ships from the show, so enjoy. The second video here is a well edited Kagehina video, so I had to add it in. I swear, I will ship those two till the day I die.
That's all for now, folks. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. There are a TON more out there, so as I keep finding good ones, I will keep posting them, if you like these ones. And considering how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, and have fallen SSSSOOOO HARD for this anime, I will probably be posting a lot more Haikyuu!! related things as well. Let me know your thoughts! And, Tagging: @biancadanica98 @BlackoutZJ @Bloodraven @BrettBrown @BrittanyFrazee @ButterflyBlu @Cager @CaitlinDavis @Calanator @ChibiEVE @chris98vamg @ChrisLuu @chrisramirez23 @ChristianRankmo @ChristinaOMalle @ChristopherKenn @Chronoshindo @chuyslim @ColeSevigny @ConnerThompson @CoreyPellegrin @CreeTheOtaku @CrimsonBlitz216 @Cytlaly @DaequanLewis @Danse @DariusLigon @deathsaia @DipDopOfTheDip @DustinPowe @Elecktra987 @electica @EmilianoMacias @EricS @FernandoGarza @franklovespuns @GalenUnleashed2 @gh0str3con1596 @GinnaL13 @GregSchulte @Haidurr @HaleyPerkins @HessenGalan @HiddenOne15 @IanHand @IanHoyer @IrvinHoyos @IsaiahWaterford @ItsMeKafar @jacobsnyder @jairoescobar54 @JaisonRagnaught @Jason41 @Javi201 @jeremimzy17 @JessaxD @jevonlowery @Jithu @JoelCarmonaRoja @JoelCruzJr21 @JonathanBellamy @JonathanBurnham @JonathanJones @JosiahDoyle @JosieAnime15 @JulieBurk @Kaidra @Kakashilover @KathyGarcia @Kaycemadison @KellerBertrand @KenonWilliams @Kiirahaha @Kirik @Kirooken @KittyCommittee @LaqondaHope @Lawzo @LetsGoAnime @littlechibi97 @littlemaryk @Lorena13 @Luffy051 @MaighdlinS @MajahnNelson @MariamaFeaster @Markimooluv @metaleuphoria @MetalMorgan @mirandaTate @MisfitMashup @MohammedSaheel @MoonRose @msfancysunshine @MusicLover4Ever @natsu2 @nberry1620 @RadChick10 @ravenator143 @SAGEOTAKU @samihudson @SamuelGutierrez @SantaraJones @SareBear @sasunaru @sbrisita @SeanMcintosh @SeaseaBlue @Sensui @Shaggystwin @Sharia @ShawnKukacka @Shippudenguy21,
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