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Anastasia Beverly Hills just announced, TWO DAYS AGO, that their new line of liquid lipsticks will be released to retailers very soon. How soon? They didn't say. HOWEVER, you can get these brand new liquid lipsticks from their website as of 13 hours ago!!!!!!!!
But from the looks of these colors, I AM OBSESSED!
Names of the colors from top to bottom:
Naked (diagonal)
If you've never worn ABS liquid lipsticks before, you should know that it helps to exfoliate your lips before wearing. That's because the formula is so thick. If your lips aren't smooth to begin with, it's going to clump and look a mess!
Also, keep in mind that a little truly goes a long way. That seems to be the standard for the ABS brand. Everything they release is super pigmented.
Who else is going a little bit crazy about these new liquid lipsticks?!
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get em all @TessStevens
Now I need to google the swatch pic...No I must resist! I've got way too much lip products in my makeup drawer and I'm not even into lipsticks! Srsly it's like I'm spell bound or something :/
Hahahaha @animaniacfreak you bring up a good point!! I should have found actual swatches of these colors. my bad...
I'm going to try to avoid this....hahahahaha!!! I just ordered new lip things so I need to wait for those first *tries to be patient*
Hahaha @hikaymm we all need to hit the pause button on our spending, especially with cosmetics