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Who is ready for this?
The live action is going to be filmed this year and is to release 2017! I was taken by surprise! this anime is one of my all time favorites! ( I have many older likes) I'm actually currently re watching it, if you have not watched it yet I super recommend!
Anyone else excited???? omg this is going to be so cool! I hope they pic a good cast!!!!
I'm super interested to see how this will go. I feel like anime live action adaptations almost never seem good to me, so I hope this is different
FMA for the win!! One of the best brother stories in anything hands down!!
@Ticasensei I feel you. full Metal is what opened the doors to this new great anime world
@LuisMedel yeah I just feel like brotherhood tied a lot of the loose ends and helped us to better understand things too. I love both because it's basically one, one needs the other. either way fullmetal along with two other anime got me started on this whole crazy otaku life lol
@OtakuDemon10 yes I understood what you ment. well, attack on titan was not the best tho I still liked it. I would probably still like this, I think true fans either hate how far off it is or love it just because it happend.
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