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ColourPop Versus Competition
Here are three reasons why you should CONSIDER ColourPop lipsticks.
Take a look at what DupeThat created: a comparison of big brand lipsticks, like Mac, ABS and Lime Crime. While there's nothing wrong with loving your branded cosmetics, if you're ONLY looking for color that is virtually identical for a lot cheaper (like, $6!), then keep scrolling.
So? What do you think? If you're in that financial predicament that forces you to look elsewhere, ColourPop may be the best option out there!
Love to know what you all think!
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@marshalledgar it's alright, I'll check online maybe they ship to Sydney. Sometimes it feels like we are on the land of forsaken....
2 years ago·Reply
must try
2 years ago·Reply
I agree. I love colourpop!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
love colourpop ! they're my daily . current faves are tulle & lumiere 2
2 years ago·Reply
colour pop is awesome!!! @Animaniafreak idk how you feel about buying off makeup exchange but check out exchange boards!!! people sell new or used items sometimes and many ship intl!!
2 years ago·Reply