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The song ends and you just roll your eyes. What did you expect? Some KPOP Idol? This is a karaoke bar; most that come here can’t carry a tune in a bucket.
You can’t help but laugh at the frustrated look on his face. He walks over, grabs the remote and selects another song. He turns to his boys and directs them all to join him. You can hear them talking back and forth, but the only words you understand are “part switch”. What does that even mean? The song he selected isn't fast, some song called 'Be the Light', it sounds vaguely familiar.
They sit for a good five minutes playing rock, paper, scissors. A few groan when they lose, one or two actually fist pump in victory. You and your friends just sit and watch in confusion. They pass the two microphones and Jiho pushes play. After a couple of switches and a lot of laughter between themselves at mistakes, you realize these guys must do this a lot. In fact, all of them have really good voices. You’re kind of embarrassed now that you’d been up singing first. Maybe you and your friends should just let them keep going, they were putting on a pretty good show.
After about four songs a few stumble back to the couches and Jiho walks over to the in house phone. “What were you ladies drinking? Join us?”
Throwing caution to the wind you all agree, hell it’s Spring Break! Aren’t you supposed to be wild, free, and stupid? You roll your eyes at yourself, since when have you ever been carefree? Stupid yes; carefree, not so much. Everyone in your inner circle calls you eomma, you’re a worrier, it’s just who you are.
When the Soju arrives, Jiho looks over with a worried face. “You’re all over 20 right? I heard something about Spring Break so your college girls?”
As the bottles are passed around you laugh to yourself, maybe he should have asked that question before ordering the alcohol? As you take a bottle from him you remind yourself, carefree! And make it the new chant in your head. Hell, you could die on the way home tonight; did you really want to waste this time? No, you certainly do not.
He’s been watching you, like he can see the wheels spinning in your head. He raises an eyebrow as you reach over and clink your Soju bottle to his. That sexy smile returns as he salutes you with his own bottle and takes a drink.
When the early morning hours hit you can’t tell if everyone is just really drunk or punch drunk. Does it matter? You haven’t laughed so hard in forever, this group of guys are nuts. If you didn’t know better you’d think it had been forever since they had gone out.
Jiho gets back up, pulls you with him and selects a new song. “Just stand there,” he says. He starts a song by Block B, Her. You know this song, you start singing along when he tilts his head, and makes the motion for you to shush. You can’t help it, you start dancing to the song. It’s now become a dance party with his friends all up singing and your friends dancing. Wow, you must have had more to drink than you thought; you’d swear it sounds like an echo in the room.
When the song ends another Block B song starts. You and your friends all sing along while all the guys look at each other and just shake their heads in confusion.
Jiho suddenly yells, “Picture!” and everyone grabs someone else to pose. Everyone sees spots after that camera flash. When the spots disappear, he turns to you; “How can I send this to you?” Without even thinking about it you grab your phone and start rambling off your number.
The smile he flashes across his face doesn’t even register with you. As he's entering your number in his phone something else does register; is that a Hello Kitty phone case?!?
yo that was slick, I'm a try that. "picture" "how can i send this to u? lol
@jinnyrod3 I know right?! We are taking bout Zico here...boy is just all about slick! lmao!
YEEEE!! GGAAAAHHH!! *jumps up n down* Damn I wanna be there too!! hehe!
when is going to notice them he has hinted her soooo much ugh...... 😒😒😒 I still love it tho 😁😁😁😁😁💓💕💜💖
woohoo!!! so exhilarating!! I feel so pumped. this was my party!!! ;D exchanging numbers made my heart race.. lol
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