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As many might noticed... that our Lovely lady @BBxGD has decided to write a Fan Fic for Big Bang Community Squad Team Member!!! @JiyongLeo @Catchyacrayon @Helixx Here is the link of her card↧↧↧↧↧
Below are the "highlight preview" on one of the great story she have for our @KwonOfAKind As a loving member... I would like to ask all the community members to do the VOTE!! ▶▷▶▶A Dragon's Prey◀◁◀◀ This will help to save Kwonnie's Pride!!!! Please lovely ladies, let's do it out of Loving heart♡♡♡♡ a cold world out there... we need a warm welcome for our Coolest Leader @KwonOfAKind!!!!! ↧↧↧↧below are the preview of the story↧↧↧↧ ↪A Dragon's Prey↩ Sofia had the chance to go to Korea. Her friends got together and went to a club which one of her friends planned. As the night became darker, a man had been watching her since she entered through the doors. Sofia then noticed him. A night which turned her life around. Who is this man?
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@lovetop i want it too haha
@drummergirl691 Nite Nite """"SWEET""""dream....😝😝😝😝
@drummergirl691 Excellent choice♡♡♡ #VOTEGHOST2K16!!!
@catchyacrayon You go girl!!!! our Maknae ROCK!!!!!! #SaveKwonniesPride2016 !!!!