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On the June 17 broadcast of The Beatles Code 2, the Shinhwa members were asked about marriage. MC Tak Jae Hoon first started off on the subject, commenting, "No one in this group is married yet." To this, Kim Dong Wan said, "I want to get married too when I see my juniors get married," while Jun Jin shared, "I wanted to continue working after I finished serving my military duties at such a late age. I guess the person I′ll get married to will appear when time comes." When asked whether the members ever try to guess who will get married first, Kim Dong Wan said, "Everytime we talk, we talk about marriage for about an hour. I think each one of us almost got married at least once. We say things like ′I should′ve gotten married then.′" Jun Jin tried to get Dong Wan to calm down, saying, "You should just talk about yourself [and not about us]," but admitted that he almost got married once also. Kim Dong Wan went on to choose himself and Eric as the members he thinks will get married first.
@Saravy HAHAHAHAHA! That's so true!
LOL Dongwan oppa...thank you. I and other fans wouldn't know half as much about you guys, if it weren't for you and your big mouth. I love you. :D
@MasriDaniela Awww, I know. I hope they can get married when they can. They're such good men and sooo handsome too! Love you Shinhwa!
ok guys !!!when the perfect woman will come !!!hahahahahaha