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This is my Scavenger Hunt Partner - @katyng52. Please enter us into the prize drawing.
1. Video of any member's birthday celebration.
Daesung's birthday on April 26, 2015 when the tour started in Seoul. Yes, that was T.O.P smearing cake on his face.
2. Pictures of any 2 members in a red shirt.
3. Video, picture, or gif of Daesung with any member of 2ne1.
4. Using any combination of videos, pictures, or gifs, show a situation where BigBang reminds you of another group I like. Explain.
So we've got Shinee in goofy animal costumes. Then JYJ in those t-shirts which reminded me of BigBang in those Snoopy shirts complete with Micky's arm around JaeJoong and GD's arm around Seungri and Junsu with the glasses reminded of Seungri in his glasses.
5. Picture of T.O.P holding a drink.
6. Using pictures or gifs, show what type of animal each member would be. Explain.
T.O.P's face reminds me of a cat's. He's also sneaky and private like a cat.
Daesung is a cute playful baby bear. Thanks to the partner @katyng52 for the pic idea!!
Taeyang is the sociable friendly llama. Yes, the hair looks like his too!
G-Dragon is the shy, leader of the pack lion.
Seungri is that brand new puppy who is always finding himself in trouble. The one who needs a lot of care and sleep. No, he does not remind me of a panda!
7. Taeyang aegyo.
This is as close to "Taeyang aegyo" as I'm gonna get. He doesn't do it, but he did do Gwiyomi.
8. Find a picture of any member wearing jewelry and a picture or link to where you can buy it.
9. Video footage of all members pre-debut.
HAHA for the first one!
10. Picture, video, gif of Seungri eating.
11. Favorite pictures of each member smiling.
11. Cont'd - Favorite pictures of each member smiling.
I couldn't choose one. Sorry. Wait, no I'm not.
12. Pictures, videos, or gifs of instances when Jimin looked like GD.
Bias Bae Bae's - @sailynn & @katyng52
hahahahah i agreee what @lovetop said.... but dammnnn Daesung overload... love it
I was going to said that llama look more like TOP.... but than u mentioned the hairstyle... yes is more like Taeyang!!!
llama? YB as a llama?!!! why didn't I think of that? they actually do look alike 😜😜
@sailynn How could I possibly pick one? I only put 9 cuz I had to stop.
the fact that you have a whole section devoted to Daesung's smile/laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘