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“I know your arm is broke but you still have another one. Help me with this. I want to rip my skin off it’s so dry.”
“And who’s fault is it that your skin is like this.”
“Shut up…” They both seemed so happy despite being injured. No body had asked him why he dissapeared the day Nabi died. From what Jimin had told him everyone was going through a lot. Tae just sat their quietly on the floor as Kookie put lotion on Yoongi’s pink flesh. Despite all the insanity and heart break at least they still had each other.
“Whatcha thinkin about?” It was Hobi that sat down next to him.
“Nothing really.” Tae smiled the best he could at the other.
“You’ve been so quiet since she died. You also dissapeared right before it happened. You can’t tell me nothing is on your mind.” He had been caught; of course he had though his friends knew him well.
“I didn’t want to bring up why I dissapeared. Everyone was so hurt I didn’t want anyone worrying about me too.”
“Stupid of course we are going to worry.” Hobi pulled him into him giving Tae a noogie.
“Will you tell me now. You don’t have to be so brave you know. I know how hard you tried to protect Nabi every chance you got. It must be really hard for you to have two women you love gone.”
“Not just them.”
“What do you mean?”
“My father is gone too.”
“What happened? Did he leave you guys? Did loosing your mom finally get to him?”
“It had already been getting to him. He was always drunk. My sister did the best she could to fill mom’s place but it was never enough. He always yelled at her and recently he started hitting her. I…..I….” Leaning agianst the older boy Tae let his tears fall.
“It’s okay Tae. That’s really fucked up of him. He should never hit anyone or yell at them.”
“I killed him….” Tae whispered through his tears. “I couldn’t take her being hurt anymore so I killed him.”
“It’s okay Tae. He never should have hit her.” Hobi’s body tensed up as he stroked Tae’s back. Tae had a feeling if he had not already killed his father Hobi might have done it for him if he knew sooner. Hobi had a past and Tae was sure some of that still lingered long after he left.
“We will just keep this to ourselves okay? No need to tell anyone else. You’re living here with Kookie now anyway right? He needs somone with him to finish out the school year. You’ve both missed out a lot of school.”
“I’ll be sure we both finish strong don’t worry.” Tae grinned up at Hobi who retured the smile.
@LemonLassie Why should I wait? What does that change? Do you know something I don't? I have just one chapter left to go.
@Helixx well might as well finish then........ @SugaOnTop i was just trying to mentally prepare her is all
@Helixx I TOLD YOU TO WAIT!!!!!
Wait... there are only two more chapters? WHAT??? NO! It can't end yet. Two chapters isn't enough to resolve all these feelings I have inside me.
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