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Here is the latest attempt at fixing my eyebrows. Yes, I am a man, who is desperate to get fuller, thicker, more masculine-looking eye brows.
Although I previously purchased ABS Brow Wiz, I had to return it because I found the NYX Retractable eye liner (and a spooly brush) to work just fine. Coupled with Benefit's Gimme Brow in light brown, I attempted to use makeup to achieve a brow that met my goal.
Next, as many of you know, I tried out my Cardini eyebrow prosthetic (made of human hair, attached to a thin sheet of clear material) that cost me $50. It needed to be trimmed a bit just to get it on my face right.
Take a look at the results of FIRST TIME TRIAL AND ERROR:
The top pic is what my brows look like when I wake up. Too thin, yet battered and messy at the same time. Life sucks.
In the middle picture, though I didn't clean up my brows, I wanted to see what I could achieve with makeup. I felt that clipping and tweezing (to clean them up) would negatively impact my pursuit.
The pic on the bottom clearly shows that I am wearing a prosthetic. The hairs are thicker than mine, even though they are made of read human hair. Also, the material, where it meets the skin, looks like my skin is flaking. It's weird.
While I like the thickness of the prosthetic, it's CLEARLY TOO THICK! And too obvious that it's an attachment.
Verdict (so far...)
I am going to continue playing with the prosthetic. Trimming it more. Shaping it. Using a better adhesive. Then I will make a decision on how I feel.
As far as the makeup, I think that my NYX brown is TOO BROWN! I need to go lighter and will pick up a gray/brown or a tawny or something like that. I still want to play around with it as this was my first and only attempt.
What do you all think? YES, HONESTY IS TOTALLY COOL. I'm not going to freak out.
Thank you!
I love the middle brow, but I'm honestly feeling the prosthetic. I do think you should trim the top a bit, but I feel like it would be the best fit if it was a bit thinner on the top.
Im determined to fine tune it and give an update. soon. lol you're right, gotta be bold and own it @hikaymm
@marshalledgar I've just accepted that if I want to get better at makeup I gotta put my face out there lol XD!! Glad you shared. It really does look great, just gotta keep fine tuning the look~
I have to say that I was hesitant to share this card because it's a vulnerable feeling. once it's out, it's out. but your comments are amazing!!! definitely thrilled kinda that I shared this. I sooooo appreciate the other Vinglers who openly share their makeup and hair and nail cards. you're right @hikaymm about a lighter color and putting less product on the inner. needs to still look natural
Alright, two suggestions!! I would say go with either 2 or 3. The prostethic is definitely too much there (which you know!) but I think it could be worked with. You actually might need to blend along the edges of it to give it a more natural look with some makeup still. As for 2, I think you might be able to achieve a look you like with makeup, but definitely go with a lighter color!! And maybe try putting less product in the inner part of your brow to give it more natural dimensions
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