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“Jin it’s dark open the curtain silly.” Blinking his eyes he tried to figure out where he was.
“Come on Jin it’s been dark in here for so long open the curtains.” Unsure why he was listening to this voice he reached out in front of him grabing the fabric of what he assumed were curtains pulling them open. The whole space was flooded with the bright light of the sun. Turning around he saw her sitting on a white bed smiling at him.
“It’s about time. I was wondering how long you were going to just stand there and make me sit here in the dark.” It was Nabi; memories flashed in his head of the accident. Leaning back agianst the window seal he tried to collect his thoughts.
“Where are we? What about the crash? I remember hearing Namjoon talking to me from time to time. The others came a few times as well. I remember you talking to me too. You were telling me everything the others were doing. Am I still in the hospital? Is this a dream?”
“You’re no longer in the hospital Jin. You’ve been in the hospital for amonth and a half. Namjoon came to visit you almost every day. The others…..they tried to join us. I’ve been waiting in this dark room this whole time.”
“Were you not it the hospital? How else could I have heard you?”
“I’ve been here since the car hit us. I was here before the ambulace could even come.”
“Wait you mean.”
“We’re dead Jin. It’s a lot to take in I know but facts are facts. Don’t worry we can still watch over the others they just can’t always hear us unless they are on the brink of death.” Nabi motioned for Jin to sit beside her. Doing as he was told he sat down beside her the shock of everthing making his brain feel numb. She grabbed his hand looking down at the floor; he looked with her and next thing he knew they were in a graveyard.
“We have been here for a while. Come on Namjoon we will come back and visit them later.” Namjoon was holding a picture of Jin in his arms. Yoongi and Kookie were holding one for Nabi.
“At least they have each other now. I would be more worried if Nabi had to spend more time alone. She doesn’t have anyone but us.” Tae was trying to make Namjoon feel better. As they were walking out of the graveyard JungKook stopped turning back around and smiled. Yoongi came up behind him hand on his shoulder.
“Are you having a hard time moving in your new cast? I knew it wasn’t a good idea to let you come without your wheel chair.” Yoongi looked up to see what Kookie was looking at. There above the grave stones were two butterflies flittering around.
“Can you see them sitting up on top of their grave stones too?”
“No I only see the butterflies. I wish I could see them like you.” Yoongi turned to leave grabbing JungKook’s hand. Before he turned around he looked right at them.
“I’ll be sure to take good care of everyone. Don’t worry My Lovely Nabi.”
Amazing story - definitely one of the gest fan fics I have ever read!! You are seriously talented! Now I am going to go wash my face and try to make it look like I haven't been an inconsolable sobbing mess, and try to get some homework done. Thank you for sharing this heart wrenching story - I am looking forward to reading more from you! 😊
I typed and retyped my comment so many times. I really just don't know what to say. I've never been so emotionally invested in a fan fic before. My heart hurts. It aches for each of the boys and for Nabi (I still can't believe you killed her off). I could not have imagine this is the direction the story would go. I want there to be more.
is that the end?! did you just end it!? why am i freaking out!?
To feel better you can read my two fluff stories. They are to soften the blows of my amazing writing. I'm only say it is cause you all tell me repeatedly. @MaritessSison
@Saeda1320 You poor thing. I should put a warning on the first chapter for new readers to pace themselves. It was the emotion I wanted to evoke but it can be over whelming
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