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Alright everyone, so this is for my lovely daughter @Lexxcisco Y'all should know who she is by the EXO Fanfiction she is writing. Well...I decided its her turn to get some feels killed cause I know I'm not the only one she is killing with feels with her story ;-; PART 2: Link *Warning* This may get intense so prepare your fan to cool off because you may need it after this....and you may also need a cold shower too LOL Let's begin with the feels killing... *devil emoji*
First, we have Chanyeol. Look at him, he is waving at you, staring at you and smiling...He is super happy to see you Lex. Doesn't that just warm your heart up....
"Come here" He says with intent. Oooo looks like he wants to tell you something or show you something....I wonder what it is...Aren't you curious Lex?
He's still thinking about if he should do it...Or show you...
(1st slide) Oooooo he busted out his arms for you Lex... (2nd slide) Hes flexing it more now... (3rd slide) Hes calling you again with that intent look in his face Lex...Look at all that sweat on him...He knows it gets you...A sweaty. Sweaty. Chanyeol
He saw you in the crowd Lex....He caught you drooling at his arm flexing so he decided to do some more flexing..this time working them arms out..Look at that stare he's giving you...
Wait what the hell....Wait a minute, wait a minute Jimin what are you doing? Stay in your lane boy!
*coughs* Seriously Jimin tryna creep up in here... Anywho back to our topic.. Ah yes, Chanyeol likes to tease you and he knows how to do it Lex...He knows taking of his clothes will. *whispers to lex* Are you okay? *giggles*
But he knows your secret about what you love to do to him And what you like about him too...And he isn't afraid to use it or expose it either....*smirks* What is that secret you may be wondering everyone... Chanyeol give us a hint....
You love to do this to him Lex... *think dirty ;)* and you know what his expression is when you do that to him... I'll show you...
You make him go like this... But mostly...and get ready for the next picture lex.... Prepare Your Fan Now You make his face go more like..
this when you Suck on his lollipop...Look at all the sweatness you give him....Don't you just want to lick it off him... *devil emoji*
Yeah he is smiling now because after that he knows he definitely GOT YOU! Look at his face Lex....He is Happy about it... But.Someone.Isnt.Happy.... You know who????
This Guy Lex...He found out about you and Chanyeol... OH OH! :O
He's still giving you that Glare Lex! What are you gonna do?????? oops too late to think of something...
Oh oh, he's looking at you intensly while sipping his tea...
He just thought of something he can do to get your mind off Chanyeol and pay attention to him....
(First slide) He's laughing and smiling Lex....That doesn't sound good...Wae is he lifting his leg up.... This is not good for you Lex.... (Second slide) He agrees with me lex...He made a thumbs up...still lifting his leg up Is that a clue????
Jungkook...really? You need water for it? Lex is very anxious you know! ;) (Second Slide) "Okay let me tell you" He says.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oops, Looks like he's making you wait Lex LOL
Man this was fun Lol is my lovely daughter???? Are you still alive Lex? *Devil Emoji*

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@GossamoKewen95 Lmfao 😂😂😂😂 Lemme know how that went 😂😈 @SarahVanDorn LOL and of course I'll tag you on the next part ^-^ @Izzy987 OHMYGOD I'M SERIOUSLY TRYING NOT TO LAUGH RIGHT NOW LOL And yes of course I'll tag you on the next one ^-^ @Tigerlily84 LOL This just means I did a good job at getting to the feels 😈😉
you went beyond the feels lmfao 😂😂😂😂
@jessicaacosta90 good job super proud of you @Lexxcisco you were warned lol now you feel my pain Mondays and Thursdays lol
So I wasn't brave enough to go past the first set of 3 pictures I'd Chanyeol lol @sarahvandorn
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