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Im signing this because Mrs. Fordham has changed my life. You see arts is kinda in the family. My mom is an amazing poet. My brother an amazing musician. Then there's me who doesn't know what shes good at. I hate sports because i think I'll die from it. So my best friend dragged me into auditions I wasn't expecting to get in at all. Yet I did, it was a small part but she gave me a chance to be part of something so amazing. Mrs. Fordham is ONE of the absolutely crazy directors out there she may not be the best even though in our eyes she is but for a sure fact she is CRAZY. She will let as many kids get into the play or musical just so they can get the experience. Mrs. Fordham herself told us that most directors don't really care about their actors or actresses but Mrs. Fordham she doesn't she cares about us. She cares about her actor and actresses. if you aren't in a good mood she will find a way to make you smile. It breaks her every time she has to let a kid go. Honestly this is why she wants to put in as many kids as she can in a show or musical. Sign this