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Genre: Angst, mild fluff
Members: Jungkook; Reader/You; OC; Appearances from other members.
Part: 4/?
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Summary: You were good, but you weren’t her. You weren’t enough and neither was he.
He stood awkwardly by the daycare playground fence, idly watching all the tiny children tottering about. He hadn’t even planned on stopping here, but once Yujin had caught sight of the kids running about he started pointing towards it, lips chanting the name ‘appa’ over and over until Jungkook caved. Sweaty hands held tightly to the handle of Yujin’s stroller as Jungkook glanced down at his baby frequently, curious as to how his son was reacting to the sight of so many other children. He wasn’t sure if Yujin had even interacted with another child before; he didn’t have any friend or relatives with kids and he wasn’t sure if his fiancee did either. The young father’s fingers tightened around the stroller handle, his fiancee was right.
He really did know very little about their son.
Tucked safely in the stroller and covered with a soft gray blanket, Yujin boredly watched the children play as he held a sippy cup up to his lips, eagerly sucking down the juice inside. It confused the young father; Yujin was so eager to stop, but he didn’t seem interested in the children at all.
Pausing between gulps to sigh heavily, the baby angled himself in his stroller, leaning back comfortably. Yujin’s wide eyes darted between the running children, curious as to where they’d go next. His little leg bounced as he watched them, soft tan boots (that Jimin had bought as a matching set to go with Jungkook’s boots) lightly hitting against the plastic of the stroller. Jungkook smiled softly, eyes intently studying the soft curve of his son’s eyes as they shifted back and forth from child to child inside the daycare grounds. His little boy was perfect, it made no sense that his mother claimed otherwise.
Unexpectedly, Yujin let the cup drop from his hand and it fell to the ground with a soft thud. Jungkook frowned at the dirt covered cup, hands already reaching down for it. Yujin sat up a bit, eyes focused on something across the playground. Before Jungkook could pinpoint where Yujin was looking the child opened his mouth, loudly calling out his favorite word.
The maknae’s eyes darted up, catching you holding your arms out to a little boy no older than Yujin himself. Crouched beside his son’s stroller and practically eye level, Jungkook looked at him, thoroughly shocked to see his little boy’s face pinched in apprehension. Yujin’s fingers wriggled as he clutched at his pantleg; a nervous habit Jungkook himself had. The father settled his hand on the tray of the stroller. “Yujin-ah, why are you nervous?”
Yujin pointed his finger in your direction, lips curling into a pout, ”Eomma.. Eomma..” His finger pointed downward to the little boy you were lifting up into your arms. Wordlessly, Yujin pointed to himself, turning to stare at his father sadly, “Yujin-ah..?” Jungkook blinked slowly,
“You want her to hold you?” He asked tentatively. At his son’s nod, Jungkook put the sippy cup back on the ground, “Appa will hold you.” He deflected, standing up and brushing his knees off. Holding his hands out, Jungkook observed his son looking longingly across the playground at you before reaching up and grasping onto his father’s fingers. Hoisting him up, Yujin was settled on Jungkook’s hip. His little boy hugged him tightly, burying his face in Jungkook’s neck, but even then Jungkook knew he was staring at you and the other little boy. Was Yujin jealous?
A cold breeze blew by, and a violent shiver ran down Jungkook’s spine. The gray blanket was lifted up and draped over Yujin, the tiny boy laughing as his father tickled him. It did a wonderful job at distracting Yujin from staring longingly at you. Yujin grinned widely, placing both cold hands on his father’s cheeks. The baby quietly babbled something to him, nose crinkling as he ended his ramblings with a soft giggle. Jungkook chuckled, lightly tapping his son’s tiny nose.
His phone vibrated in his pocket and it didn’t take long for Jungkook’s attention to shift from his son to the device. He had been jumping at any sound his phone made; he never knew if it was his fiancee, Tapped at the device, Jungkook scrolled through the notifications for missed calls and texts in search of her name. The members names were recurring notifications, but he swiped them all away. The only person he wanted to talk to was Yujin’s mother.
“Taetae.” Yujin cooed.
Jungkook wrinkled his nose, feeling an itch, distractedly he mumbled, “What?” Feeling Yujin shift, Jungkook looked up to see Taehyung inside the playground standing right beside you. He was smiling down at you, fingers lingering on your forearm as his eyes passed over the little boy you held. Jungkook frowned, his son mimicking his expression, although Yujin’s face was more in jealousy towards the child you held. Jungkook’s face was geared toward his brother’s soft smile directed at you. Tae was tight lipped with him since their argument, but he was smiling at you like you had birthed his own children.
Originally, Tae had started to go on the walk with him and Yujin, softly repeating how Jungkook’s words had hurt and how he was truly upset with him, but after a few blocks Taehyung had stopped. He had murmured something about wanting to be alone for a bit and after convincing Jungkook that he truly was forgiven and there was nothing to be anxious about, he had gone off in another direction. Figuring that he was still upset and wanted some time alone, Jungkook hadn’t thought much about it. But now, seeing him smiling at you, it seemed all Tae really wanted was to see you again.
After Tae had stalked off Jungkook had walked aimlessly for about an hour before Yujin started murmuring something that he had later learned was his son’s word for ‘playground’ when the two of them had started to pass by the daycare. Yujin’s insistence was the only reason why he stopped and once Jungkook saw the other kids he figured his son like watching them play. Yujin was always enamoured with things or people that move about. But now, seeing you, it seemed Yujin was familiar with this place. Or he just had a killer knack for picking you out of the crowd.
Jungkook slipped his phone back in his pocket, turning to get a better look at Tae and you. To his chagrin, you were staring back at him through the fence. The little boy who had been in your arms a few moments ago was halfway across the park and Jungkook felt Yujin relax in his arms. You pushed your hair behind your ear, face sombering. He found himself blinking in surprise when you looked away, seeming to curl in on yourself as you mumbled something to Taehyung. Tae looked over as well, sedately licking his lips as he replied back softly. It only seemed to make you even more subdued.
Jungkook’s last conversation with you came to mind and he swallowed thickly, ashamed of himself. There was a lot he need to apologize for. He patted Yujin’s back,”Do you miss her?” Yujin nodded. Sighing, his father whispered,”Appa will make things right, I promise.”
The toddler blinked, “Eomma?” His soft spoken words were met with a hesitant frown,
“I’ll bring Eomma back, don’t worry…but for now, I’ll fix things with your noona so you can see her again.” He promised.
At Jungkook’s pressing stare you moved over to him, but only stood there; the fence between you two, unsure of what to do. Yujin had leaned forward, both hands gripping the fence as he smiled at you. Smiling back, you delicately ran your finger along his chubby hands firmly grasping the chainlinks.
Jungkook cleared his throat, running a hand through his hair. “I need you.” He mumbled, “I..You’ve done so much for my family and I was ungrateful and harsh and.. I’m sorry.” Jungkook whispered, eyes drifting up in search of Tae. The other man was being led off to the swings by a swarm of children all trying to hold his hands. A bright grin was spread across Tae’s lips as he gently hushed them, reassuring each child that he’d personally hold all their hands in due time. In Jungkook’s arms, Yujin huffed, unsatisfied with the fence keeping him from his ‘eomma’s’ arms. Jungkook lightly bounced him,”I haven’t been thinking straight and I’ve been blaming my problems on other people when the person at fault is me. Y/N, I’m so thankful that out of all the people in the world, you were the one raising my son and I can never pay that back to you, but..I don’t know where I’m going with this, but am I making a little sense..?”
“You are.” You breathed, hands resting over the lock of the gate. You smiled knowingly at him,”Your brother talked you into this..?” Looking over your shoulder, Jungkook felt odd watching the fond smile on your face as you watched Taehyung delicately lift a little girl up onto the swing, taking care to make sure all the other kids were a safe distance back before starting to push her. You had already wormed your way into his son’s heart, and Jungkook was barely tolerating it. He wasn’t sure if he’d be able to handle you situating yourself into his brother’s heart too.
“He made me see how ungrateful I was and urged me to apologize, but he didn’t force these words out of my mouth.” Jungkook mumbled, “…Yujin’s been crying for you; screaming actually and I…” His brows furrowed,”…I screamed right back.”
You blinked several times, heart jumping. Gazing darting away from Tae to Jungkook you furrowed your brows. He screamed back? “Jungkook, are you alright?” That question alone stunned the young father. He had expected you to berate him or ask about Yujin’s state, not ask how he was fairing. He spluttered, thoughts racing on how to answer. No, he was not alright. His life was falling apart and he couldn’t even get his son to stop crying for a woman he shouldn’t be so attached to. And yet here he was, begging said woman for her help.
“I need you.” He settled back on. “I can’t raise Yujin alone…my hyung was right, I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t want to screw up.” He tapped at the lock of the fence gate separating them. “I don’t know how my fiancee paid you, but I’ll take care of everything for you if you help me take care of my son.” He pleaded,”Anything you need or want, I’ll get it.”
And the way he worded it only reminded you of how Yujin’s mother would sweep you throughout the apartment motioning to all the new items she had been bought by her fiance and how she had weakly tried to convince you that those materials things meant that he loved her. She had then asked you if there was anything you wanted and that she’d pass it along to him to get it for you. That was when she revealed a small list where she added new things she felt she wanted. You never asked for anything, it didn’t seem right.
There was the one time you had asked when was the last time he called and it was meant with silence. And that was when you realized that Yujin’s mother was not only distanced from Yujin, but from his father too. At first you had suspected he was cheating, but then you had been jolted awake at 3am to her phone ringing on the night table. She had been out for the night, leaving Yujin to you, but apparently left her phone behind. The small device had vibrated loudly inside the quiet room, the name JUNGKOOK flashing on the screen. When she returned the next day you told her, but she only rolled her eyes; as if his calling was a great annoyance, so you figured he was someone she didn’t like.
After a few months had passed you learned that this Jungkook guy called often, most of the time at odd hours of the night and he always tried to call three times before giving up and trying again hours later. You thought he was a random man or friend or cohort of Yujin’s mother. She had never actually said what his father’s name was, just that he worked a lot. It wasn’t until a few days ago when Yujin’s mother had motioned to him in the apartment and introduced him that you realized that the Jungkook that had called all the time was indeed her fiancee and Yujin’s father.
He did call frequently. You just didn’t understand why she lied or if she even answered his calls.
Studying Jungkook through the fence you caved rather quickly. Yujin still needed someone to be present in his life. Quietly, you reminded Jungkook. “I’ve already offered to help with Yujin and getting your fiancee to come back home to you both. It’s my pleasure to reunite your family. You don’t have to trouble yourself with some alternate form of payment.” You didn’t want his money or him to buy you things, you wanted him and his fiancee to realized that their son was precious and how their behavior was affecting him.
“I want to provide for you.” He finalized. You sucked in a breath, cheeks flushing. Certain that there were a thousand more ways to word that more professionally, you looked away from him. He wanted to pay you, you reminded yourself. He wanted to pay you, not provide for you. The only people he wanted to provide for were his son and fiancee. You were just the sitter who he was going to pay. “You’re taking care of my son, I need to take care of you.” Jungkook whispered. “I’m going to take care of you.” He looked around the playground, “When do you get off?”
He was trying to be earnest, you concluded. And probably trying to make up for what he said beforehand, but he was crossing the line of employer and employee. “Jungkook.” You started softly, “I..you’re-”
He blinked curiously, “I’m what?”
Fingers knotting together, you sighed, “You’re going way too far.” You blurted, “You don’t ask or try to hire someone to babysit your son by saying “I want to provide for you’ or ‘I’m going to take care of you’. That’s not professional-”
He frowned,”My son thinks you’re his mom!” He retorted,”Y/N, we’re as far from professional as you can get. Yujin honestly believes you’re his mother and he’s not listening to anything otherwise..and it’s not like his birth mother is acting any way that proves differently.” His eyes leveled onto you, “Yujin thinks you’re his mom, so until his real mother starts acting like she birthed him, I’m going to provide for you like you are his mother.”
“I’m going to take care of you.”

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