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Think Fast

Genre: Angst; Mild Fluff; BadBoy!Jungkook
Members: Jungkook x Reader (You) ; Minor appearances from other members
Part: 1/?
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Summary: He was only supposed to stay one night.
He circled around you on your porch, sharp gaze lingering on the glimmering house key in your hand. Lifting a single finger up to his lips he smiled, nodding towards your front door a few feet ahead of you. Sirens blared in the distance, partially drowned out by the rain pounding against the roads. Despite being soaked to your core, you didn’t feel the chill.
You could only hesitantly stare at him.
And the smile he gave you.
His hand dropped from his face and he took a step closer to you, lips parting. Warmth breath fanned along your neck as his arm reached around you to lift your hand up to the keyhole. You stiffened at his touch, moving back only to bump against him. A low chuckle rumbled deep in his chest, short puffs of warm breath bringing goosebumps to your skin. A chill ran up your spine at the heat his body emitted against your back while cold air doused your front. You shivered, his watchful gaze taking it all in.
He had only spoken one word to you so far and that was only to get your attention as you climbed the steps. You didn’t even notice him when you got out of the car. Paying better attention was something you were seriously going to work on. A curt “Hey!” had been tossed your way as he jogged up the steps to meet you. Everything else he relayed to you was through actions.
Like how he was silently telling you to let him into your house.
The way he smiled as if he knew you would was the first red flag. What kind of confidence did he have that a completely stranger was going to let him into their home on a rainy night at 11 pm? The second flag being the blood soaked hand he kept close to his side. A knit cap was pulled down tight over his head as if he was haphazardly trying to hide the stitches that ran along his brow. Pretty banged up, his bright white grin was disarming enough to let you reconsider.
Maybe he was hurt by someone else and needed help?
That was when you suggested calling the police and when the smile wore had disappeared. He angrily shook his head, glaring at you and pointing to the door. He didn’t want the police, he wanted inside your house. You had thought of your parents, safely asleep in their warm beds. You couldn’t let this random guy inside.
He saw the conflict in your eyes and softly promised, “If you help me, I won’t hurt you or anyone in your house.” As if to prove his point he reached into his pocket and pulled something out, placing it in your hands. The weight and warmth of it was oddly comforting. It contrasted with the overall all wet cold that surrounded your body from the rain.
Until you realized it was a little too warm for it to have just been sitting idle in his pocket.
You quietly stared down at the gun, eyes tracing over the tip of the barrel. He had fired it recently. He stepped towards you, head tilting down to study you, “Do you want my knife too?” Thunder rumbled in the distance, lightning crackling along the clouds shortly after.
A storm was coming.
He licked his chapped lips, rubbing at his running nose with the sleeve of his wet jacket. It was getting colder and colder the longer you both stood on the porch. Either you hurry up and try to sneak inside your house without him, or he needed to find somewhere else to hide for the night.
You handed the gun back to him, narrowing your eyes, “Why are you hurt?” Rather quickly, he replied,
“I was mugged.” The sirens sounded closer and the way he shifted uncomfortably didn’t go unnoticed by you. He chewed on his bottom lip, tugging at his hat, “I got into a fight, won, then got mugged after.” Dark eyes, flickered between you and the door, “Just let me stay the night and I’ll owe you one.”
“What can you possibly give me?” You scoffed, folding your hands across your chest. You had no idea who this guy was, nonetheless the worth of his word. For all you knew, you could let him in and he’d murder you and your family in their sleep.
He nodded in understanding, but still cryptically answered, “I can give you anything you want.”
The rain was starting to pick up, tree branches jerking violently with the gusts of wind. He wouldn’t be able to stay the night out there in that weather; especially since he was hurt. If you could keep him in one spot and keep an eye on him then this whole thing might go over smoothly. “You can stay.” You announced, “But don’t leave my sight, got it? You don’t even look at my parents room and don’t just wander off.” He nodded, moving impatiently to the door as you unlocked it. Pushing the door open a few inches, you stopped, looking up at him cautiously “I’m Y/N, what’s your name?”
“I’m Jungkook.”
“Alright, Jungkook.” You murmured, “Stay quiet, my parents are sleeping.” Holding the door open, you nudged him inside, thankful that he didn’t have to be told to remove his muddy boots at the door. Jungkook took several steps down the hall, eyes trailing over the neatly hung photo frames lined up and symmetrically spaced. You came up behind him, fingers knotting into his sleeve as you tiptoed up the stairs. Soft music drifted from your parents closed bedroom, Jungkook’s brows furrowed at this, confused stare looking to you. “They can’t sleep when it’d dead silent, so they play music.” You whispered.
Leading him past their door, you continued down the hall to the very last door and pushed it open. Jungkook took in the room, the cluttered desk pushed into a corner and the pile of books thrown atop the bed. He chuckled at the string of brightly colored bras hanging on the closet doors, eyes averting down to you. Too busy coming up with mental sleeping arrangements to notice his amusement, you softly called his name, pointing to the bathroom.
Jungkook easily followed, and as you walked you could hear him gently singing under his breath. He blinked rapidly at the flood of fluorescent lights in the bathroom, but trudged inside, taking a seat on the tub rim. Before you could even say anything, he was peeling off layers of clothes and piling them up on the floor. His jacket, shirt and undershirt were balled up and tossed down along with a belt and some socks. Dressed only in his dark jeans, he hunched over his forearm, fingers idly picking out debris from the gash the ran along his skin. Snatching the first aid kit from under the sink, you placed it on the toilet, and took a step back. A look wasn’t even spared at you as he took the kit, opened it and pulled out gauze and disinfectant.
He was used to treating his own wounds.
As you watched him dab at the gash on his forearm, you wondered how he sat so still as the peroxide fizzed and turned white as soon as it touched his skin. “Does it hurt?”
“Yeah.” Jungkook wrapped the gash, then one handedly tried to tear some medical tape to hold it in place. You stepped forward quickly, taking the tape to cut a few pieces for him. Once it was securely on, he brushed your hands aside, standing up and ripping the hat from his head to add to the pile. Jungkook ruffled his hair, eyes shifting over your body. “You should change.” He suggested, slipping past you and out of the bathroom.
He stood by the edge of the bed, tossing over the pile of clothes sitting atop it to you.
You sorted through them for pajamas and softly closed the door to the bathroom.
Paranoid to have him out of sight, you changed as fast as your could, bumping you hip on the counter edge in the process. Shirt not even pulled down all the way, you had swung open the door only to see Jungkook wear flannel pajama bottoms.
Your father’s flannel pajama bottoms.
“Where did you get that?”
He drew back the blankets, staring down at the striped bed sheets, “Your parents’ room.” Jungkook pointed to the bed, “Where am I sleeping-?”
“I told you not to wander!” You hissed. He only brushed your tone aside, lips curling up.
Letting him into the house was already proving to be a bad idea. He obviously was bad a hearing and listening. Pretty confident that everything else you’d tried to tell him would be ignored, you glared at his smile. Jungkook tested the mattress.“I wasn’t wandering. I knew exactly where I was going and what I was looking for.” Absently, he lightly punched the pillow, a yawn passing through his lips. “They didn’t budge, in fact they’re snoring right now.” He looked over at you, “Where am I sleeping?”
“Don’t you ever do that again. Don’t go near my parents, got it?” You warned him. Crossing the room, your desk chair was turned to face the bed and you plopped down into it. “You take the bed.” He didn’t hesitate to lay down and turn his back to you.
Determined to sit here and stay up all night to make sure he didn’t go anywhere else, you knew you’d be dead tired tomorrow. But you had let him inside, so whatever he didn’t in here was your responsibility. Not even ten minutes had passed when you heard his even breaths. He had fallen asleep very quickly.
It was going to be a long night.

a story about a cookie and a girl with no sense of stranger danger lol
they are omf! and same rn like I stayed up all night tbh reading I want the headline and it's killing me waiting for it ;-;
@mrsjeon I just wish she would hurry and post more of her stories and complete them -_-
@mrsjeon Heheheh yes all her ff's are daebak
jinjja ;-; that sucks then nvm hopefully suga-of-daegu will update it it was a good ff
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