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I haven't made a card in along time...hopefully this card is somewhat good.
I've recently started to TRACE photos, not draw, trace. I definitely have no artistic skills, and I don't consider tracing a skill either. It's just something I like to do in my spare time. Here are a few ones that I did And I know they aren't amazing because I'm not that good at tracing a picture either....
My sister did request for me to draw Suga without tracing a I did.
I also started to take more screenshots while watching kpop videos and I know anybody can do this and I find it stupid how I actually call it a hobby anyone can take screenshots so I'm not going to brag about good screenshots.
Well I don't have my tag list with I'll be tagging people I remember and people I look up to {|} @KpopandKimchi @Emealia @MadAndrea @torchix @BBXGD @DestinyMcCauley ....that's all I can remember ಥ‿ಥ if you wanna be added to my tag list or removed please let me know...THANK YOU |||
They look nice. at least u wont be bored .. a hobby is what takes you out of those holes. 💖
They look good. Even tracing can be hard af. Ohmygeezus, go to my "Pause Button" collection and trace the most ridiculous screenshot you find.
Uhm. I can't do that so I think it's a skill lol they look good. and it's a good way to start understanding how to draw faces, I'd think so it makes sense right?
Awwwww thanks at @ToppDogg you're the best you're my role model too because you were the person who had got me into Kpop and I want to truly thank you for that and I wouldn't have this amazing experience with all these Kpop groups I'm getting into... Without you I still wouldn't like KPOP AT ALL...BUT you changed that.... and thank you so much again. Salanghae 😊😘❤
@BBxGD @MadAndrea thank you guys!!! That's what I feel like, I feel that it'll sort of help me learn how to draw... @Emealia I'll make sure to do that when I get the chance I'll make a card too 💕😄😄