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I dedicate this particular card to @JiyongLeo in congratulations on her becoming the new VIXX community Moderator. Enjoy!!

Gifs of his awesomeness.

Mata Hari Taekwoon goodness!

More Mata Hari Taekwoon goodness.

Random Taekwoon gorgeousness.

plus a little extra credit *winkeu winkeu*

Hope you enjoyed and are still breathing. If anyone wants to be added to my VIXX tag list let me know in the comments! My fellow new moderator pals whom I also congratulate:

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Oh Leo!!! ...No belong to @JiyongLeo....(Slapping my stop, I have to remove him from my bia list) bye Leo....bye Leo...
there's enough to go around @lovetop lol he's an Ultimate Bias of mine too.
All hail VIXX's N, Ken, and Leo!
Oh my word I freaking love this card!!!! Bless you and this post! I've been a little down and this post helps me feel better. Go ahead and add me to your tag list for Vixx please! 😊