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Guess who's back? Back with Day 4! Favorite soloist. This one was a toughie for me...mainly because I have serious commitment issues. Oh well!
I do what I want!
Kim Sung Kyu! Leader of Infinite. His solo albums are amazing. I don't care what anyone says 'Another Me' was a great album. "41 Days" ruled my life. "60 Seconds" is more rock but I love it. Pst...if you click the white arrow, there's a performance too. ;) You welcome.
After many years, he finally released "27" last year and it's been in my playlist ever since. Namely "Kontrol". When I saw him perform this song live, it was just him, a standing mic, and the band. It was so moving, so powerful. I'll never forget it.
Gotta mention the Boo. Luhan. Ever since he started his solo career, he has been on fire! "Medals." "Adventure Time." "That Good Good." And we can't forget the song bringing out his inner nasty, "Lu." My favorite has to be "Excited." I am A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D. This song has been on repeat in my car, at my work, for pretty much as long as it's been out. Quit ruling my life, Luhan!
Of course I can't go without mentioning my panda, ZiTao. He's my boo of the moment so you know I'm blasting his stuff. I just wish I could buy his album already. "I am the Sovereign" is bomb, I love the beat. "T.A.O." is ruling my life as well. "Crown" gets stuck in my head. But my favorite song by him is "Alone." It's so honest and beautiful. Keep on, my baby!
Well that's all for today. My girls @Lexxcisco @EliseB and @jessicaacosta90 are also doing the challenge if you wanted to check em out too.
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Taooooo and Luhaaannn 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍