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I know I just got done killing everyone with Lovely Nabi so here is some fluff to bring you all back to life.
The light of her phone flashed as it moved over the table. Looking over from where she way laying on the couch she saw the picture of the caller. She reached over grabbing the phone to answer it. As soon as she answered a face popped up onto her screen.
“I was wondering how long you were going to wait before you answered. Are you in the bed already?”
“No I’m on the couch.”
“Then why are you in the dark then silly. You should at least have a lamp on. I can’t see your pretty face this way.”
“I don’t want to turn on a lamp. I’m fine in the darkness. Where are you walking to? Aren’t you supposed to stay in your hotel when you guys are on tour.”
“Ah I couldn’t sleep I missed your voice. I was hoping I wasn’t too late in calling you. By the way you’re silly for sitting in the dark. Just because I’m not there doesn’t mean you can get all depressed. I know, I know. Today must have been a hard day huh?”
“Yea today was worse than normal. The darkness is a nice place to be. How can you be focused on me and not trip?”
“As long as I’m looking at you I know my path. You will never lead me astray.” She could not help but laugh a little. He could be so cheesy sometimes.
“I see you’re dripping with grease today huh?”
“It got you to laugh didn’t it? I love hearing your laugh. It’s better than any music I could ever put together. Oh hold on I’m going to go up these stairs really quick.” The picture on the phone was a blur as he moved quickly up the stairs. When the camera focused again it was really close to his face.
“I miss you so much you know that right.”
“I know you do but it’s your job it can’t be helped. Wait who’s knocking on my door so late? I’m taking you with me in case it’s some weirdo.” She got up going to the door keeping an eye on her phone. She kept the chain lock on and opened the door. Peeking out she saw the hand of someone holding a phone and she could see everything that was inside her apartment. Quickly she shut the door unlocking it all the way and pulling it open again.
“Yoongi?” He stepped in front of her as he hung up the phone. It was only seconds before her arms were wrapped around him face pressed into his chest.
“I missed you.” Her voice was muffled and sounded mushed from the way her cheek was pressed into him.
“So you left early to see me?”
“We were going to come back tomorrow anyway. We still have shows here in Korea but I couldn’t wait any longer.” She just pulled him closer to her taking in his scent and the way he felt in her arms. All the problems she was having earlier that day all melted away. He patted her head making her look up at him.
“You know even when I’m overseas when I look at you I’m home.”
thank you for this it was a nice happy cloud of sunshine that I needed
Awwwwwwwwwwww ❤❤❤
awe ok all is forgiven @SugaOnTop. Im alive and awake
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