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My first foray into makeup at a young age was inspired by Mimi of The Drew Carry show. I know, but it's true. From my mom's old makeup came the bright blue shadow, and I'd wear it around the house.

Since then, I never thought I'd be able to find blue eye shadow even remotely attractive on me.

Blue eyeshadow can be tacky if it's one shade of matte peacock blue packed on in clumps....or it can be absolutely STUNNING. So I wanted to showcase a few looks to try to help me find a blue I love :)

Glacial Blue!!

Cotton Candy Color!

Look done by Stephanie - products & tutorials here ^^

Turquoise Temptation!

Blending Blues!

Look over on makeup geek, but here's how you'd make it:
"To recreate this look use Makeup Geek’s Shimma Shimma to add some extra shine by the tear duct. On the inner corner, using Peach Smoothie, blend into Moondust in the crease. On the center of the lid, Mermaid is blended out into Neptune in the outer corner. On the lower lashline Shimma Shimma, Peach Smoothie and Moondust are used. To line the eye, use Makeup Geek’s Gel Liner, Electric. Beaches and Cream is used just under the brow bone as a highlight, and to blend out any harsh lines."

Navy Blue DRAMA Tutorial!

Navy & Gold!

(I really can't find who made this originally, it's already been shared too many times haha!)

Beautiful Blue Halo!

And now...it's time for me to try to work myself up to these looks some!! Some~~day~~

Which blue look of these 7 is your favorite?

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@TessStevens Nice! I'll try it. I actually wore a navy shade (sort of! very subtle) under my eyes today after writing but forgot to take any pics hahaha so I'll have to share tomorrow if I do it again!! I'll try that
I like the navy blue and gold. I'm not a fan of gold eyeshadow, but it looks pretty subtle there. I love the color of blue, and where it is. I wear green like that sometimes. I'd love to find a blue that works for me, too.
@TurtleyTurtles I think it's gonna take some time. I'm more comfortable in greens & greeny-blues rather than blues most of the time :)
@hikaymm Same here, exactly. I wish I could wear other colors, like purple, too. I always do green shadow and/or eyeliner, and blue mascara.
Gorgeous looks with the blue. I've experimented with blue before. I would line my eyes with it, just like the last picture before the last video. I think it's called navy and gold. Oh and waterline too!!