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Born To Shine Member: Key Group: SHINee I walked into the dance studio to see Kibum scratching his head while he stared at a chair in the middle of the room with a whip in his hand. "Um, what are you doing?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him. He jumped then turned around with a smile. "You're here!" He exclaimed, running over to me and grabbing my hand before pulling me to the chair. "Well you called me here so.." I trailed off after he made me sit down, then pulled me back up and to the wall. "Stand over there for a second. I'll cue you to sit down." He said, running to the radio and pressing play before running back to the chair "Kibu-" "Shh." He said quickly, switching into Key. His gaze changed from the childlike gaze he had before to a predatory one. He started to lip sync to the song that played. "Make a wish upon a star.." I raised my eyebrow to him again, why did he call me here? And then he did a dance with his hips. He soon sat on the chair and turned into the diva that shawols had nicknamed him. He kept smiling sexily and looked like he was purposely teasing imaginary people as he looked around the room that was empty except for him and I. He stood up again when the lyrics "We guarantee to be headliners, standing in the spotlight, 'cause you know we were born to shine." Came out of the speakers. I could only stand in awe as the dance break came. He was just exuding charisma. He stalked towards me with an evil smirk and motioned for me to come with a finger. I quickly walked to the chair and sat down as he sang to himself in the mirror then whipped around and started to stalk towards me again. He pointed the whip at me then sang the high note out loud and continued to walk towards me, sitting the whip on my shoulder and his forehead on mine. Pulling away, he tapped the whip on his hand then circled the chair, smiling that damn smile again before rubbing his hand down my cheek and yanking my chin up. He walked away again and did the hip dance again and walking back to me, placing the whip on my shoulder again and connecting his gaze sexily to mine for a couple seconds before he changed back into Kibum, smiling like a little kid. "How was it?" He asked, panting lightly. "W...what..." I stuttered, pointing at him then to the radio that started to play the song over again. "What was that..?" I asked. "A song I made. I came up with a routine for it, but I wasn't sure how it looked. So I called you. I mean, I could have called one of the dancers in the company or something, but you seemed like the best choice. More of a sexual feeling could be brought with my girlfriend here, you know?" He laughed, pushing his bright hair out of his face. "What did you think?" "...I think that that whip needs to be used for something else."
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