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Little Note:
I would like to thank all of you for showing you support for my first time posting a card on Vingle. You truely know how to welcome someone <3. Anyways if you missed the last chapter here it is:
I hope you enjoy!
After getting your dream job at SM Entertainment, you find yourself getting close to the EXO memebers. Though you guys are close it doesnt compare to you and Ivy’s friendship. D.O is the shyest out of all nine members. He rarely spoke to you but yet you feel as if you have had full on conversations. As if you hear a little voice. D.O seems to get more comfortable with you he first two weeks of your arrival. You grow closer and closer. Will this friendship last? Or will you get all lovey dovey ?

Chapter 2

That night was filled with fangirling and at least two bottles of champagne, I woke up on the coach with Ivy's arms wrapped around me. I carefully untangled myself from her grip and headed to the kitchen. Surprisingly enough, i had no head ache or sign of a hangover! Now that i think about it, I really didnt drink. Once again, classic Ivy.
I remember back in our university days she loved to party. At least when Senior year came around, we were the youngest in our class (around 18 or 19), so we straightened up and were at the top of our class.
I guess you can say we are extremely smart for our age but to be completely honest, i forgot most of the things i learned XD.
I mean i still know my basics to do my job but who really needs to know how to solve
452-n78+823=? (thats probably not even a problem but oh well XD)
Suddenly i heard a groan coming from the coach and then a big thud! Snapping out of my daydream, my head shot towards the direction of the sound. I then saw a pretty hungover Ivy with extreme bed head. I started to laugh to the point of my stomach hurting. Ivy shot me a glare making me laugh even harder! I tripped and fell on my butt. Ivy started to laugh "HAHAHA! KARMA!" I looked at her trying to be mad but i couldnt help it.
We heard a ding come from my laptop. We looked at each other like if timed stop. As if in sync, both our heads slowly turned to face the laptop.
An email had just arrived.
We ran to the chair competing for the that one seat. Ivy ended up beating me (pff i obviously let her win.....) Her eyes seemed to fill with glee making her eyes practically pop out of her head. I got up from where i had fallen and barely got to see what was on the screen.
Ivy closed the laptop looked at me and said
Its show time! {i imagined top for a second}
She pushed me into my room and told me to go take the fastest shower of my life.
Without blinking i ran into the shower still not completely knowing what was going on. Once i got out she handed me all of my clothes which consisted of a white baggy shirt,dark leggings, a grey scarf, and a red flannel.
I did my makeup naturally and just put a beanie on to keep my head warm from the cold outside.
Once i was dressed, Ivy sat me down in front of the laptop
"open it" she said with a devious smile on her face.
I was really confused but when i had opened it up my heart began to flutter.
Dear Ms.Torrero
One of our makeup artists are sick so we need you to be here by 12:00pm. You dont need to dress up just something casual and comfy. We have a photoshoot at the park around the 711 on ___________ Street.
Sorry for such short notice. See you there!
ME????RIGHT NOW??????
I grabbed my bag and keys and headed toward the door
"take care of biggie for me!!!!" i yelled as i walked out
Should i take my scooter? Or just walk? OR take the bus?
Walking takes to long and i dont want to wait for a bus.... Scooter it is!! Not very professional but it was all i had! Good thing it was one of those scooter that could retract and become small enough to fit in my bag.
It was nice on my scooter. As i pushed away i saw the trees and the different colors they held.
i arrived at the destination and started to retract the scooter. Suddenly i felt a tap on the shoulder to see...........
OHHHHH Cliff hanger! sorry if there are alot of mistakes its like 4 am XD.
Who tapped on your shoulder? Find out probably later..... maybe later today or tomorrow idk XD
Some Awesome peeps!:
@sailynn i was trying to XD when ever i have something on my mind (like the ideas for a next chapter) i cant really sleep till i either write it down or actually make it XD its extreme but i was already up late doing hw (vacations almost done DX)
@Izzy987 only a minute. like literally XD
ok, so that random problem that you put on there...... well, Barny Stenson told me to accept the challenge of solving it..... and I did XD Anyways, the answer to it is n = 16.3, how I solved it was like this 452 - n78 + 823 = ? +n78 +n78 452 + 823 = n78 1275 = n78 1275/78 = n78/78 16.3 = n ....... XD
noooo u can't leave it on seen like that ❤😖
I'm loving it. I also love that you put photos with story. Its like being there in real life. ☺
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