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Owning A Dog Vs. Just Really Liking Dogs

Like a lot of you on Vingle, I have a dog. She's a long-haired dachshund, and I don't care what any of you say - she's the cutest dog in the world!
For many years, however, I didn't have a dog, but would pretty much gravitate toward the ones my neighbors would walk around the neighborhood or give extra behind-the-ear scratches to the dogs I'd meet when invited to other people's house parties.
There's a BIG DIFFERENCE between being someone responsible for a dog and someone who just really, really likes them, and fortunately for us, artist (and dog parent) Kelly Angel made a pretty hilarious illustration set of what those differences are!

So which one are you? Are these ALL true for you, or are some more real than the others?

Let me know about your dog parenting (or just dog loving!) in the comments below!
recently friends of my parents moved back to their home country but had to leave their little puppy behind until they gather the money to send her back but for a couple of month we're looking after her and it's always been a dream of mine to own a furry friend but I definitely learned what it's all about about. It's not just sunshine and lollypop (well most of the time it is). You have to know the pet is YOUR responsibility and at the age of 14 I think I can say it's like taking care of a baby. Her before me when it's come to feeding and fitness. But it's worth it cause at the end of the day you have company and a friend who always wants to play... well when she's in the mood.
I have two pit/lab and suspiciously a Great Dane 1 year old puppies. One is 140 pounds of lap dog love and a royal prince . The other as I nicknamed her dynamite and spit fire is attached to me at the hip like I actually birthed her. They are not dogs they are kids in their trouble 2s . Master escape artist and attracts a fly to us when we are in public . Everyone is so amazed by them i do a 10 minute pet smart run and it turns into 2 hours do to the fan crowd they created . But I love my show stoppers they keep going and if I didn't get them I would be in a depression. They give me life!!!!
i own a winner dog so they like to pounce on u if they think ur up and make noises wired ones
@NickMcCormick My sister's cat was a total chatterbox, so not only was he nocturnal, but he'd constantly be meowing like a furry four-legged car alarm.
@danidee not really, but my wife and I occasionally have a hard time. and yes, cats are in fact nocturnal. except my alpha, she likes to sleep with us. hard on me though as she's a princess(I mean Queen) and enjoys taking up room or sleeping right on my chest lol ;p
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