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Like a lot of you on Vingle, I have a dog. She's a long-haired dachshund, and I don't care what any of you say - she's the cutest dog in the world!
For many years, however, I didn't have a dog, but would pretty much gravitate toward the ones my neighbors would walk around the neighborhood or give extra behind-the-ear scratches to the dogs I'd meet when invited to other people's house parties.
There's a BIG DIFFERENCE between being someone responsible for a dog and someone who just really, really likes them, and fortunately for us, artist (and dog parent) Kelly Angel made a pretty hilarious illustration set of what those differences are!

So which one are you? Are these ALL true for you, or are some more real than the others?

Let me know about your dog parenting (or just dog loving!) in the comments below!
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@danidee not really, but my wife and I occasionally have a hard time. and yes, cats are in fact nocturnal. except my alpha, she likes to sleep with us. hard on me though as she's a princess(I mean Queen) and enjoys taking up room or sleeping right on my chest lol ;p
@anitadutoit Oh, absolutely! You have to be aware that the next 15 years of your life is pretty much dedicated to the well-being of another life lol. It really is like taking care of a baby!
@NickMcCormick My sister's cat was a total chatterbox, so not only was he nocturnal, but he'd constantly be meowing like a furry four-legged car alarm.
i own a winner dog so they like to pounce on u if they think ur up and make noises wired ones
@S92pk Bahahaha, does your stand on their hind legs a lot too?