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*Ringle Ringle* TOP: pick up...please pick up
TOP: Hello?.....Is this Y/N....I'm calling to let you know that we (Big Bang) need your help.. TOP: This mission has been passed on throughout the members.....but I am hyung so I should carry out at least this much...
TOP: @BBxGD. back at it again, but this time things are different
TOP: ......for this fanfiction....this fanfiction can change the way of life as we know it
TOP: .....
TOP: Jiyong...
TOP: Taeyang...
TOP: Daesung
TOP: and Seungri.....we've all tried very hard at accomplishing the mission but
TOP: We're just not powerful.....not as powerful as you
TOP: there are many selection for the competition. ...but which one should you choose??
TOP: ....not all the choices are correct so let me guide you to the proper answer...

Trust me....I'm an Astronaut ♡♡

TOP: the only correct answer is..... to VOTE FOR "GHOST"♡♡
TOP: .....and if you won't choose the story Ghost for me....or Big Bang
TOP: then please do it for your well trusted and beloved member @lovetop♡♡♡ She really wants this and nothing would make me happier than to see her smile♡♡
GD: so the only question is now.....


VOTE HERE: "GHOST" (Remember only you have the power to save....THE WORLD) (^__^)
@BBxGD look @KwonOfAKind is trying to pull a fast one lol
@xroyalreisx Dragons Prey is code name for "Ghost".... (^___^) yes it means ghost... lol XD
@xroyalreisx seeee... now u know to not listen to the girls next time @KpopQueenaBee good girl 🙊🙈
@BBxGD i already voted and thankz to this lovely princess of your squad... i got damn danial stuck in my head
@xroyalreisx Dont listen to these girls
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