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So I keep getting tagged in this challenge and I have never done one before so I figured.... why not? Now my first challenge, as some of you know, is actually picking a Bias. I have so many I wonder if I can even say they are a bias, but one man particularly always makes me smile and I can't help but just love..........
The gorgeous MARK from GOT7!! Tall, beautiful, a smile that could kill, and a smooth rap voice, what isn't there to love about him?
I mean... look at that smile!! Can't help but smile back.. so contagious
AWWW cute puppy! I must admit I thought for a moment 'I wish I was that puppy'
He is even goofy and cute. He has the aegyo down pact.
Whelp there is Day 1 in this kpop challenge. Would any of you pick Mark as your blonde bias or is there someone else your little heart screams about? Let me know!
@kpopbeat will do!
I'm doing this challenge now. It's a lot of fun!
@ESwee Tag me if you are doing it!