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Eh... Why Not? Day 1
So I keep getting tagged in this challenge and I have never done one before so I figured.... why not? Now my first challenge, as some of you know, is actually picking a Bias. I have so many I wonder if I can even say they are a bias, but one man particularly always makes me smile and I can't help but just love..........
The gorgeous MARK from GOT7!! Tall, beautiful, a smile that could kill, and a smooth rap voice, what isn't there to love about him?
I mean... look at that smile!! Can't help but smile back.. so contagious
AWWW cute puppy! I must admit I thought for a moment 'I wish I was that puppy'
He is even goofy and cute. He has the aegyo down pact.
Whelp there is Day 1 in this kpop challenge. Would any of you pick Mark as your blonde bias or is there someone else your little heart screams about? Let me know!
I'm doing this challenge now. It's a lot of fun!
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@ESwee Tag me if you are doing it!
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@kpopbeat will do!
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