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Warning: Story contains minor violence and suicidal thoughts/actions, as well as some language. Reader discretion is advised

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Reapers; Disease: TaeHyung Suicide: YoonGi Age: Jin
It was about as dreary as a night could possibly get. The rain was beating down without mercy. The sky cracked with bright lightening every few seconds. Lastly, there you were walking down the middle of the dead street with no umbrella. Maybe you would get murdered, stabbed or shot, maybe even run over on purpose. TaeHyung couldn't take you and Jin refused to tell you who could. Your best guess was murder since disease, age and suicide were off the table. "There you are." An arm weighted down your shoulders suddenly and you peered up at your addition. "Can I help you?" "Nope. YoonGi told me to watch you since Jin was busy." He smiled and was near bouncing but clung to you as if you would run. "YoonGi? Why does he want anyone to watch me?" You decided to just go with it, sliding an arm around the new chaperone's waist. "Tae is ruthless when he's allowed any give, he's already given you enough scars. When we're around, he can't get to you and you need to get better before meeting him again." He was serious for a moment, the expression in his face was twisted in thought. "Come on," He moved, crouching in front of you ",Let's get you home." "I don't have a home anymore. They tore the building down so I've got no where to go." You smacked the back of his head and kept walking. Rain was still beating down and you were soaked but it honestly didn't matter anymore. This was the job of weather you loved. No one else was crazy enough to walk around in this, you were left to yourself. "So who do you take?" You tossed the question over your shoulder, not looking back. "Take a guess." "You seem pretty upbeat, probably...accidents?" The reaper laughed, resting his arms over your shoulders and stopping you from walking anymore. "That's a very good guess but also a very wrong answer." He leaned forward, chest pressing yo your back. "I'm Hobi, death by murder."
I love this!!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!!
You're so talented at writing! I always love reading your storiess♡
wow I would of froze when he said death by murder
hobi is always up beat even when he's a reaper
😱😱😱😱 love it!!! I can't wait ^_^
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