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The birds are chirping, the flowers have bloomed and the weather is warming up, the only thing missing is a set of manicured hands. There's nothing like swiping on a fresh pair of polish after weeks of bare cuticles and chipped polish from months ago. With spring in full bloom, it's time to show off those nails -- but first you have to make sure you have the perfect color for the season.
While some people like to stick to their everyday reds, nudes and pinks, it's always nice to step outside of your comfort zone every now and then. Pastels are pretty huge this season, but that was expected anyway. Founder of Olive & June and co-founders of Tenoverten, dished in an article on Byrdie what shades they noticed most of their clients taking a liking to this season. If you're ready to hop on board and get your spring polishes lined up, keep scrolling to check out the most requested shades of the season.

Color: Dusty Mint

What They Said: 'Ilyinsky says that while pinks still reign supreme in the throes of spring, she's noticed that customers choosing more unexpected shades, like dusty mint. "These transitional shades are especially great for spring's finicky weather, when temps can be sweltering one day and frigid the next, wreaking havoc on wardrobe choices and polish color picks," she explains.'
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Color: Sunny Yellow

What They Said: '"One of the crazier pastel shades, CND's Sun Bleached, really pops in the freshest way," Tuttle says. "I love how it looks against an army-green jumpsuit as we move into spring!"'
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Color: Pale Blue

What They Said: 'Tuttle calls this shade one in the new crop of "new neutrals," and promises that it's easier to wear than you think.'
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Color: Coral Red

What They Said: '"It beckons warmer weather and open-toe sandal season," Abramcyk says. "A coral is universally flattering on all skin tones, too."'
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Color: Opaque Neutral

What They Said: 'Speaking of nudes, Abramcyk says her clients have been loving Tenoverten's Fulton Street for the opaque finish that gives just enough coverage. "It's a neutral that's perfect for the warmer weather and gives you a clean nail feel," she says.'
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Color: Lilac

What They Said: '"When you're looking for an alternative to classic pinks and reds but still want to feel feminine, this lilac shade is the answer!" Tuttle says.'
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What pastel shade will you be rockin' the most this spring?

I'm obsessing over the opaque neutral.
ah that sunny yellow,liac nd nude ah.... I want it I love that it would be good for my nail art 馃槉
especially the blue and coral.
loving all those shades as well! @MyAffairWith
I love the pale blue, coral red and lilac colors here
Me too! Always the best! @buddhamac
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