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This story from here on out will be updated every Monday and Friday along with my other BTS fanfic Sweet Dreams. I hope you enjoy the chapter!!!
Namjoon played the recent events over in his head for the billionth time as he waited for Jin's group performance. Hoseok was busy talking with Suga, who was barely listening, leaving Namjoon alone with his thoughts.
Its not like he was surprised at how things went. Heck, it could've went worse. He cursed himself and this idea. Now Jin had pushed him away again. But this time it would be different. He wouldn't let Jin go, no matter what. He didn't understand his feeling but something about the boy seemed different. Namjoon could see it clearly even when Jin tried to hide it. The way his eyes would dart around nervously, the way he flinched when Namjoon touched him. It screamed abuse.
Namjoon balled his fists in anger. Just the thought of someone hitting him made him see red. But Namjoon knew he had to be careful about this. He didn't need to do anything that would jeopardize Jin. He closed his eyes and thought back to when he had grabbed Jin's hand. He basked in the memory enjoying the warm feeling that sprouted in his heart. Suddenly he opened his eyes hearing the crowd stir and shout as the stage in front of him lit up.
"Do you really think I could be a star?" Jin whispered as he looked up at the stars. Namjoon and Jin had gone out again to the park and stayed late watching the stars.
Namjoon closed his eyes smiling. "How many times do I have to repeat myself? Or do you just like hearing me say it?" His heart skipped a beat hearing Jin's soft laugh.
But then he felt silent and not hearing a remark Namjoon opened his eyes curiously. Needless to say he was surprised to see Jin's face inches away from his. The were both laying down but now Jin had moved significantly closer and Namjoon immediately caught his breath.
His heart began to be beat a thousand times quicker as his eyes moved from Jin's brown eyes to his cute nose and then stopping at those big, luscious lips. He could only imagine how they tasted....
Namjoon was brought out of his thoughts as Jin's hand found his. Jin's face was painted with worry.
"Are you okay Joonie? You don't look so good." Jin then leaned forward making their foreheads touch.
Namjoon closed his eyes fighting back the insane urge to pull the angel in front of him closer. They stayed that way for a while, forehead against forehead, and Namjoon wondered what was going through Jin's head.
When he finally opened his eyes Jin's deep brown eyes were staring right at him. It was like a spell had been cast on Namjoon as he began sinking into those eyes unable and unwilling to look away.
"Namjoon. There's something I should probably tell you." Jin started not averting his gaze.
Namjoon couldn't think his heart could beat any faster. But then out of the corner of his eye he saw a streak in the sky. "Woah!! I think I just saw a shooting star." He said jumping up away from Jin.
Namjoon's heart almost broke at the look on Jin's face. The disappointment was blatant on his face but in an instance it was replaced by a smile. A smile that Namjoon adored but for some reason could never admit to...
The screams increased as they all rose to get a look at this new "hot" group. An announcer's voice filled the room. "Ladies and gentleman BigHit Entertainment now introduces.....BTS!!!!!"
Namjoon would be lying if he said he wasn't surprised at how good they were. He even saw Suga bobbing his head to the music. They're voices were definitely something special.
But the thing that surprised Namjoon the most was Jin. The way he moved on stage, the way his voice seemed to demand silence left Namjoon speechless. He couldn't tear his eyes away from Jin as he practically followed his every movement.
Namjoon knew what Jin would've said that night. He knew how Jin felt. Because of his own cowardice he rejected the person that made him the happiest. But now Jin was back and Namjoon doesn't plan on letting him go.
When the performance was finally over he clapped his heart out and he could've sworn he saw Jin glance at him and smile before he disappeared backstage. He nudged Hoseok and Suga to follow him as headed backstage.
"That was freaking awesome!!!" Jimin could barely contain his excitement as he along with V and Jungkook practically jumped all over their dressing room.
Jin laughed. He wasn't going to lie he did enjoy the feeling of being on stage. But more importantly he enjoyed the feeling of Namjoon's eyes on him. It wasn't like before, Jin thought, now he was the one being watched.
Jin didn't want to admit it but he liked having the boy's atttention on him. It was something he had been starved of in his current relationship.... He suddenly felt tired again as he stroked his hand remembering when Namjoon grabbed it.
After having a short meeting with their manager they were finally released for the night to celebrate their successful debut. Jin however only felt exhaustion as he reminded himself of the things he needed to get for Junghoe. Its not like he would forget again. He learned his lesson the first time.
"So hyung what are we gonna do to celebrate?? Maybe we should go out and get drinks!!!!" Jimin's face lit up and Jin slapped him on the back of the head.
"Don't be ridiculous. I wouldn't trust you guys alone regardless. Throwing drinks in the mix would just be a disaster."
Jungkook pouted. "So what can we do? Since you're no fun."
Jin rolled his eyes. "I don't know. You three will think of something to entertain yourselves with. I'm headed to the store then back home." He announced gathering his things.
"Then let me take you home."
Jin froze as he turned around resting his eyes upon the three rappers. "You three? What are you guys doing here?" His eyes met Namjoon and he looked away immediately.
Suga took a step forward. "We just wanted to congratulate you guys on a great performance. I definitely underestimated you all."
Jimin smirked. "Hmph. Serves you right. I bet you'll think twice before judging a person by appearance."
Suga just shrugged his shoulders. "You're still short though. And your voice sounds just like a girl when you sing." He laughs seeing Jimin's expression. "But....I like it."
Jimin blushes but then gives Suga a scowl. "Whatever."
Jin checks his watch. The liquor store wouldn't be closing anytime soon but he was exhausted and burnt out. "I'm leaving. I hope you guys have a nice night out guys." Jin yells as he bypasses Namjoon and the others heading out the door. By the time he reaches the exit he feels a hand grab his free one.
"I asked you if I could take you home." Namjoon's deep voice gives Jin shivers as the cool night breeze hits him.
He wrenched his hand free from Namjoon already missing the warmth from it. "I thought it was pretty clear what my answer was when I left you with the other guys." He couldn't deal with Namjoon right now.
Namjoon opened his mouth in protest but closed it seeing the angry expression on Jin's face. Deep down Namjoon knew it was too soon anyway. As he watched Jin walk off to his car he fought in his head on what he was about to do.
Would this really help?? How would Jin react? But I have to know.......
And with that thought Namjoon proceeded to follow the pink car as it drove off.
Sorry not much happened this chapter because I'm still building the plot. But yeah this fic will probably had side Yoonmin because that ship is life lol.
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