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I've been really slacking off on this fic. I'm so sorry I haven't posted these chapters. I've been trying to get my creative juices back But don't worry I got this handled. HERE is chapter 4 if you haven't read it.
You walked down the hallway to art club and spent a hour there before going home. As you walked down the hall you heard a piano and two people singing in the music room. You walk slowly and peak into the door. You thought to yourself how creepy this was. But you could not make your feet move. There stood a small but tall boy. He seemed younger and the other was sitting down at the piano. You couldn't tell his features but he looked like he could be tall. You were mesmerized by their sound. You found yourself stuck, leaning at the door listening to them. Their singing had you spacing out. After a few seconds you could feel the door moving from your weight. You snapped into reality and tried to catch yourself In the end, you fell and interrupted the the boys. The younger one jumped, stopped singing and looked at you. The other turned and looked at you, chuckling. "You okay?" He asked with a smooth voice. You lay on the floor, embarrassed not only that you fell but was caught. The youngest opened his mouth to say a word but couldn't think of any thing to say. He walked over shyly and bent down. "Hey? Are you okay?" He asked, patting your head. "Hyung do you think she's going to be okay?" He mumbled, looking over at his friend. "Yeah. She will be okay" he replied back. You sigh and look up to only see the youngest staring at you, like he had never been up close to a female before. "I'm sorry for interrupting you guys" you mumble as you sit up. "Nah it's alright" the other at the piano said. The youngest added. "It doesn't matter. But are you alright. You look like you fell pretty hard." He was a little worried. You nodded and rubbed your head. The youngest smiled a little bit and held out his hand. "Lemme help you up" You grabbed his hand and got up. You felt a little light headed so you stumbled a bit into him. "S-sorry" you mumble, pulling away from him. He blushed and shot a look at his friend that show his panic. The older friend laughed and shook his head. "So what's your name? I'm Namjoon" he smiled, with dimples showing. You sigh, feeling a bit better. "I'm (y/n). Nice to meet you. " The youngest itched his head akwardly and looked down at the floor. "I'm Jungkook but you can call me kookie. You don't have to though." He but his lip and looked back at you. You nod. "Thank you for helping me up. I'm sorry for being so intrusive. But you guys sounded really good" "Thank you. We are just practicing and stuff. Right Jungkook?" Namjoon said to his flushed faced friend. Jungkook was all spacey. He blinked back into reality. "AHH yes we were just practicing." You giggle. "I can tell.." you look at the clock and jumped. "oh my gosh! The time! I have to go. I'll see you later?!" You bow and run off to get home. After you had left, Namjoon laughed. "Alright who hasn't met her yet? Now you know a girl" Jungkook groaned. "Hyung..stop!" He pouted. The two finished up and headed their way home.
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