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Dating a beauty junkie can be a beautiful nightmare.

Sometimes it's best not to know. Seeing your lady go from zero to a hundred real quick can sometimes be terrifying from a man. Waking up in the morning to a fresh face beauty without the lashes and sick contour [fast forward three hours later] to the beat face makeup guru you've grown to love. As women when you're comfortable enough with a man, doing your makeup in his presence becomes second natural -- although there are a few habits we have that we rather keep to ourselves.
If you and makeup kick it from time to time than you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. Throwing on some foundation in front of bae is totally fine, but peeling off your lashes from the night before and exfoliating your ever so dry lips in front of your man is probably not the most flattering. Keep scrolling to see a short list of beauty habits women prefer their man to not know about.

Spot Treating A Breakout

We all have our fair share of breakouts, but walking around with a bunch of dots on your face can be slightly off putting unless you're extremely comfortable around your spouse.

Taking Your Lashes Off After A Long Night

Taking lashes off is somewhat reminiscent of removing your bra. The feeling of being free is exhilarating, that is until your man walks in on your placing your slightly worn lashes into a plastic container for the next day.

Shaving Your Body After A Winter Of No Shaving

While some women shave year round, some rather choose to wait until the weather breaks. If you've been holding out on shaving and you know that you're the hairiest you've been in awhile, it's best to lock the door just in case your man walks in and has a mini heart attack.

Exfoliating Extremely Dry Lips

We all get chapped lips, it's life. Exfoliating your lips is so important and while scrubbing crusty lips with an exfoliant may have it's pros -- removing skin from your lips is the furthest from sexy when bae is around.

Taking Off Or Putting Your Wig On

Although he knows it's not your hair, you wit is so snatched that he think it's an installment. Once the wig that comes off the bonnet goes right on.

What beauty habits do you prefer your significant other not to know about?

Shaving and waxing 馃槀
LOL! yeah, I need the full word PLEASE! @TurtleyTurtles
@jordanhamilton "Ship" drives me nuts! I see it all over this site... "I ship this so hard!" -You what?! Lol!
Why thank you @TurtleyTurtles! That means a lot. I honestly just added it for a creative feel, but I'm honestly not a fan of many of the fad terms that turned "cool". I can agree with you, I'm not too into "ship" either
I agree, I really dislike the word, too. In Danish, it means poop. It's one of the silliest typos that have turned into a fad- just like "pwned." Sometime you have to embrace the silliness of the new generation. There are many words out there that I dislike, such as the term "ship," but what can you do? Not to mention how frustrating it is for me when people don't use proper grammar, such as punctuation and using shortened versions of words. I rather enjoy your writing, @jordanhamilton, and using one silly word doesn't change the fact that you are talented in it.
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