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I was on YouTube minding my business when I see this video pop up and it's the queen so I decided to watch because what could possible be wrong with watching a video with the queen and one of my favorite songs................

do you want to know what's wrong?????

Hyuna is what's wrong!!! she seriously killed me!!! idk what it is but this chick makes me seriously question my life choices!!! she's soo damn gorgeous and perfect in every way she's extremely close to pushing the ultimate queen out of her spot in my heart because hyuna is just too much. she's sweet , she's beautiful , she's absolutely adorable yet can go from cute to sexy in nano seconds! I'm seriously soo ruined at this point my jaw nearly broke when I saw this video ....ughhhh Hyuna is just goals all together
Hyuna slaying my life once again!!
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I want her hurr.
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@TeaTimeFoxy I want her hair and that body she's perfect
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