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Justin Timberlake is one of those celebrity that looks hotter as he ages. No wonder his 2014 photoshoot remains to be the hottest photoshoot to date especially his messy pompadour hairstyle. Men of every age were requesting this hairdo at barber shops. Characteristics of this classy style : 1-2 cm clean fade cut on both sides of the head.
13 cm Long, voluminous at the top with hair slick back and slightly parted.
This hairdo is extremely simple. All you need is a little bit of strong hold hair wax and a blow dryer to set the style. Look at the video above for more explanation!
Awwww JT 😍
This. Is. Everything. I can say I've been in love with JT since I was like 6. No regrets hahah
@HairConfetti awww leo. I really love him too. They kind of have the same hair thing going though! hahah
@TessStevens He's a hottie and seems to be aging really well (much better than Leo in my opinion) lol.