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hi everyone! i am back with day 12 of my kpop challenge! thank you! anyways lets get going!
this is yugyeom of got7. i find him so handsome and talented and sweet despite his young age!
this is V of bts. i find him soooo handsome and sexy and hes so weird and crazy but thats what i love about him most! plus he LOVES kids so much! he is such a beautiful person i love him so much!
this is jimin of bts. yes bts member again. sorry i just couldnt choose. again he has same qualities as V does tbh plus hes sooo cute and sweet! whats is there not to love?! any girl who gets to marry these 2 are so lucky!
this is taecyeon of 2pm. i love him so much hes so talented and hot and sexy PLUS HES AMERICAN! YES! lol plus did you see how sweet he was with gui gui on WGM?! love it anyways thats it for my main biases anyways lol. i hope yall enjoyed and have a great day! please let me know if you want to be added to my taglist or removed from any future cards! my taglist: @Lexxcisco , @donnasearles have a great day! #thekpopchallenge