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Hello my battle Nakama!

It's time for the final fight of the quarter final round! It sure is a powerful one! Madara Uchiha of Naruto Shippuden takes on the Vampire Alucard!

This battle may just destroy the world, let's do this!

Madara Uchiha

Madara is recognized as one of the most skilled shinobi and one of the strongest Uchiha who ever lived. Madara has very power chakra with seemingly endless amounts allowing him to fight on for a very long time. Madara is extremely skilled in ninjutsu being able to cast even the toughest of jutsu's with just a single hand sign. Madara is even skilled in taijutsu making him very dangerous in hand to hand combat. Madara has great control over fire element Jutsu being able to cast a Great Wall of flame with the great fire annihilation jutsu. Madara possess both the Sharigan and the Rinnegan making him able to see his opponents chakra and forcing them into genjutsu trapping them in illusions. Madara has the ability stronger of a tailed beast being able to transform his body into a giant being known as Susanoo as well as a full jinchuriki transformation that turns his body as strong and fast as a god.

Madara is stronger than most could believe. His speed and power could be more than anyone could handle.


The ultimate vampire the true terror, Dracula himself. Alucard has lived many of years and served queen and country, aiding the Hellsing family for generations. Alucard has superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and agility. Alucard uses shadow manipulation in which he can take shadows and turn them into physical forms. He can control the blood with his mind and can absorb it making him more powerful. Alucard and transform his body into bats, insects, hellhounds and many more creatures as he sees fit to attack his opponents. Alucard uses to powerful semi-automatic pistols; a .454 Casull and the Jackal. Alucard can turn his body into mist, use telepathy, read minds and is hypnosis; just some of many supernatural abilities.

It's possible that Alucard is immortal being able to survive centuries. He has no weakness to other vampire threats and could be impossible to beat.

Who wins against these two very powerful competitors? That's up to you! Vote in the comments below!

Make sure you keep up on this tournament and the rest of Super Sunday's: check it out here! Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
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but itd still be a tough fight for alucard
After a tough battle the winner is Alucard! Thanks to all who voted!
ALUCARD...point blank period...
Alucard, because he's " A fuck mothering vampire."