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So this is going down on twitter...
And this was my reply. And there is much more I wanted to say, which I will say now: they are going to realize we all trash. I am a genuine ARMY not someone who is willing to scare my oppas, because the love to my oppas is great, and I won't go behind their back like a cheating gf/bf.
I know my reaction might upset people, but I wanted to get my opinion out there. What do you think?
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I mean if people want to do it they can but im just not going to haha i don't want to miss their adorkable updates 😆 @CreeTheOtaku
2 years ago·Reply
I'm not going to unfollow them. What if their feelings get hurt or they think they did something wrong? I don't want to put them through this..
2 years ago·Reply
I dunno...that doesn't seem funny to me. Just hurtful.
2 years ago·Reply
I understand that ARMY wants to have fun and play around with the boys, but I think it should be something a little less extreme
2 years ago·Reply